Into the Wild

For the better part of this summer, we have been dealing with a mostly dead tree.  Our first issue deal with whose responsibility was the tree since it looked like it might be on the property line.  We needed to find out who owned the tree before approaching the apartments’ landlord because it looked like it might be more on our side.

Step One

Call lots of land surveyors.

Step Two

Call them back a week later since no one got back to you.

Step Three

Hyperventilate when they tell you the minimum cost is $800.

Step Four

Call Dad.  My dad knows a ton of people through his work with the township and called a friend.  Andy came out to survey the property gratis.  Andy rocks because he came out twice.  The first time he came out, he said it looked about 50/50 but we had to clean out the back a bit.

A bit is quite an understatement because the back is the black hole of our backyard.  Our plan outdoor plan involved focusing on the backyard in 2012.  Needless to say, plans sped up a bit.  I put on my paint paints, long sleeve shirt, gloves and started weeding/cleaning during lunch and finished up when Greg came home.

We found all of this behind my garden.  You are seeing correctly, there are two tables and a chair in the pile.

During the time between Andy helping us and clearing out the black hole, I started calling arborist.  Yes, tree removal people refer to them as arborist.  Once we had the numbers and an idea about the property line, we reached out the landlord.

The landlord was super helpful and was actually getting the land surveyed due to an issue with the evil neighbors.

By the time we arrived back from wine country, Andy had been over to stake the property line around the tree which matched the surveyors.

Step Five

Pick a winner and make the appointment.

Step Six

Shake your fist because Hurricane Irene has stopped Clauser (the winning arborist) from booking any appointments.

Step Seven

Pray the tree does not fall during Irene

Step Eight

Call back first thing Tuesday morning.  I figured they could use Monday to book all the fallen trees.  If they were multitaskers like me, they would have all the people booked by noon and could deal with me.

Step Nine

Book it and realize it was going to happen for three weeks.

Which brings us to Tuesday of this week.  Our tree came a tumblin’ down.




Before you ask, the reason the tree was not cut down to the ground is due to the fact a metal/wire fence was growing through the tree.

We also had a few branches trimmed off the tree next to the house.




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