I can feel the vibrations

I thought it was time to get back to the $8 dresser.  It’s been like blogging ADD with how all over the place I’ve been recently.  Back to the task at hand, sharing with everyone my experience refinishing a dresser for the man cave as part of my courting present to Greg.

At this point, we had her completely stripped due to the amazing powers of the heat gun.  There were a few spots left of paint and a few places that required sanding due to my less than amazing scraping job.  No matter what (reasons or not), the dresser needed to be sanded according to the sites I visited.

We had Greg’s grandmom’s hand sander which he found in a box at his parent’s house when he was picking up the last of his boxes many months after moving in.  I was going to hand sand the entire dresser but the sander made my life so much easier.

Heck, I even got to reenact the Molly Shannon vibrations scene from Talladega Nights.

Oh yes, the vibrations were that strong.

Ok, not really but my hand did feel all tingly afterward.

All I did was sand the dresser until it felt smooth and all the paint was officially etched off of it.  It took a few hours to do all the drawers and the funky bend around the top drawers but it was easy to do.  I recommend doing this task in an open area or else you will have dust everywhere.

The knob holes were too far apart for most of the handles on available at Lowe’s, so Greg got to do the Ghostbuster bit again to fix the drawers.  Once he did that, I got to sand the drawers down until they were smooth as a baby’s bottom (but not as soft).

Then you wipe it down to ensure all the dust is removed before moving onto the next task—painting.  Which I will bring to you tomorrow!


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