The Garden Grew

As fall encroaches more and more into the area, I thought I should give you the final results of my garden growing experiment.

In short—we rocked.

As you have previously read, we had a plethora of fresh lettuce for most of the summer.  The lettuce was crisp and delightful.  We even were able to keep a bag of it in the fridge for much longer than the prepackaged salad mixes from the store.  I’d like to believe it is due to my Julia Child tip of keeping paper towels in with the lettuce.

The zucchinis grew but the grubs started getting to them.  In the end, I had two zucchini from the garden.  It seemed as though we only had male blooms.  Yes, blooms have genders– a fun fact I learned this year.  Blooms are male and female in zucchini and you need both to make a baby zucchini.  You should see some of the positions they got into.  In the end, I broke off a few flowers, stuffed them with cheese, battered them, and fried them up.

Delightful!  They had a surprising corn aftertaste but I would recommend trying it if your garden isn’t being helpful.

The basil grew and grew.  We used it in so many meals.  I love going outside and clipping fresh basil for pasta salads, dinner, or whatever we needed it for.  Next year, I might grow cilantro because it is a great compliment for Mexican food and salsa.

Speaking of salsa, the jalapeno plants exploded.  I have more jalapenos than I know what to do with.  We had a full basket by the time Labor Day arrived.  Fortunately we threw a party and grilled stuff jalapeno poppers which got rid of 2/3 of them.  Two weeks later, we have just as many as we did on Labor Day.  They keep growing and we are about to make some more salsa.

Tomatoes fared well this year.  Due to the spotty weather conditions, I was happy with the crop we got. When you get days and days of rain, the tomato skins tend to split which I encountered.   I made roasted tomato sauce from tomatoes from the garden, salsa, grilled cheese with tomato sandwiches, and pasta salad from the tomatoes I picked.

Finally, we had swiss chard.  The swiss chard grew well and was a nice side dish for several dinner.  It’s a change from spinach but offered the same taste and texture.

Would I do it again next year?  Yes.

Did I drag Greg outside to look at my garden every other day? Yes.

Did we both enjoy being slightly more organic?  Yes.

Just one more questions—does anyone want jalapenos?


One thought on “The Garden Grew

  1. Haha……I did enjoy admiring the garden every other day! You did an awesome job!!! I really enjoyed that the food was organic and helped us decrease our impact on the environment by avoiding the trips to the store.

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