The Ninja Report

I’m a horrible friend sometimes especially when I try to make a birthday present.  I had grand plans of completing Michele’s birthday present sometime around her birthday but two months later it was finally finished.

You see, Michele is the hostess of How I Met Your Mother Mondays and most presents have a HIMYM theme—from Barney quote needlepoints to Barney paintings.

Yeah, we’re dorky like that.

This year I wanted to do a Barney quote but wanted to do it with a twist.  I had seen a QR code (those weird black and white grid boxes which seem to be on everything) needlepoint from Subversive Cross stitch which scanned to, “Get the f*ck out of my cube,” and was curious about creating my own QR code.

Apparently you can on the internet.  It’s amazing what is out there on the internet.

I typed in the HIMYM phrase I wanted converted and out popped an image.

Now what to do with the image.

I gridded it up by hand and then transferred it into Excel.  I love to use excel for my cross stitch patterns and other grid-like patterns (an so many other things) such as Laura’s Mario brother’s blanket (email me if you want the pattern).

An hour later, I was all gridded out.  The pattern was broken out into ten by ten squares to preserve my sanity.  As I started, I realized I could only do two squares at a time before going crazy.

Two months later, the present was done!  And it’s scannable!


I guess I should start on my Christmas crafting if a birthday took me this long.

PS- bonus points if you can guess what episode today’s post title is from.


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