I Want Brains!

Over the weekend, Greg and I went to a prom together.  Ok, it was a zombie prom but it was a prom and we had a blast.  As the official start of the Halloween season, it provided us an opportunity to craft on something that wasn’t for the house.

If you are still going “zombie prom??” while reading this, just know it was amazing and awesome and you should come to the beach party in the summer.

Also it gave us an opportunity to dress in costume for something other than a 5k/10k.  I scored a green Nicole Miller for $25 (with shipping) on eBay and Greg got a vintage green stripe tux coat on eBay for $35 (with shipping).  Sure I had to spend $26 to have my dress altered to fit but a $350 Nicole Miller dress for $50 is coup in my book especially since there was nothing wrong with the dress.

Greg wanted a ruffled shirt to go with the tux but they seemed to be a bit pricy.  Instead we picked up a white dress shirt at a thrift store, washed it, and added homemade sparklily ruffles.  The ruffles were very easy to make and sew on the shirt.  Just cut a few strips, ruffle them with the sew machine, and then sew back on the shirt.

Once we had the outfits in place, we needed to have the makeup figured out.  Sure the event does your zombie makeup for a price but that doesn’t jive with our DIY mentality.  A few youtube videos later, we had a game plan.

We went Ben Nye stage makeup because after a dusting of baby powder the makeup would not smear.  We did a quick practice run one night and kept our fingers crossed it would work well night of.

I called my parents to see if they would come over to take the traditional prom pictures because we are dorks like that.

Oh we went to a prom at the art museum for Valentine’s Day two years ago, and used our corsage/boutonniere for zombie prom.  The dead, dried outness added to the look we were going for.

My dad had about 100 questions as to what a zombie prom is but realized he was talking to me and just went with it.

Makeup went on very easily and I tried accenting cheekbones, eyes, temples, and forehead to increase the sunken in look, and to make my face look thinner.  We used latex and tissues to add a gash to Greg’s face.  A little stippling of Ben Nye congealed blood near the mouth added the final touches to the zombie look.

If you want to do this yourself, you will need:

  • A pot of steel grey (Ben Nye)
  • Cut and Bruise wheel (Ben Nye)
  • Death wheel (Ben Nye)
  • Baby powder
  • A cheap pack of paint brushes from Michaels
  • Latex (Ben Nye)
  • Congealed blood  (Ben Nye)
  • Stippling sponge (Party City)

In the end we spent $40 on makeup but plan to use it for a few zombie events which reduces the per event cost.

But look at us, it was totally worth it.


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