It’s Housiversary Week!

Year ago on friday, Greg will officially be a homeowner for a year.  This week we are celebrating all things house– the accomplishments, the projects, the frustrations, and the fun.  Today’s post focusing on the things I don’t post about– our day to day discussions about what we are going to do in the house.

Take for example saturday.  I wanted to replace our very faded Phillies flag which has been hanging since the season started.  Heck, I even blogged about it.  The red has been replaced by a pinky/orange and it’s seen better days (much like last night’s Phillies) but this is how things go around in the house:

Diane: I need to replace the flag for post-season with our other flag.
Greg: *silence*
Diane: What?
Greg: Well the phillies made it to the playoffs with the flag flying. What if we jinx them by replacing the flag?
Diane: Seriously?
Greg: What if we wait until they play the first game and if they lose, we can then change it.
Diane: You do realize you didn’t start watching baseball until I brought you to a few games.
Greg: The Phillies are counting on us.

Needless to say, the faded flag is still hanging but Greg wants to grow a playoff beard like Cliff Lee.  Reminding him about his brother’s upcoming wedding (during playoff season) and his best man duties, he started looking up if a photographer could photoshop a beard out of the picture.

On another note, Greg requires copious amounts of coffee when projecting and I try to document his addiction for when an intervention is required. I thought you might like playing a Where’s Waldo game for his coffee.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post with this year’s before and afters!


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