A Year In Review: The Rooms

Welcome to Day2 of our Houseiversary Celebration!  A year ago, Greg and I were in Paris when he found out Bank of America had approved his offer.  We came back and on October 7th, Greg became a homeowner.  One of the first things he wanted was to put colors on the walls.

Boy, did we put colors on the walls.  From pale green to Villanova Blue, the rooms were not lacking color.

Instead of showing you every room in the house, I am going to highlight the projects which transformed the room.  You don’t need to see the rooms we just painted because you can see that in your own homes.

Therefore, without much ado, I present A Year in Review: the Rooms Edition. Up first is the office where I spend hours each day slaving away to make Greg money.  It’s only fair since my morning good-bye to him usually includes, “Go make me money.”



The second room on our list is the kitchen.  The island completely transformed the room.  Who would have thought two old kitchen cabinets could become something so different.



The third room is the basement which has been reclassified as a work in progress thanks to Mother Nature.  The mural was the first project I blogged about because the Wildcat rocks.  It fits both of our personalities and love of Villanova.  Once the doors were added, the room had a finished, polished look to it.



The final  room is the mud room.  We took an odd shaped room which could have remained wasted space but turned it into something useful and amazing.  Greg took an idea and made it reality all while make sure the customizations fit our needs.  Now if only we could stain the final wine rack and install the quarter round.




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