A Year in Review: The Costumes

Welcome to Housiversary Day 3: The Costumes Edition.  I know what you are thinking, costumes?  What do costumes have to do with your Housiversary?

Well, my blog covers all different aspects of our lives and I’ve never really touched on this one.  You see, we both participate in 5k, half-marathons, and other such athletic activities when not working on the house.  Greg tends to win divisional placing for speed whereas I have to depend on winning if there is a costume contest.

I wish I was kidding but I search them out.  We are driving to VA Beach so I can try to win their 10k costume contest.

And last year we had a ton of left over moving boxes, so of course we were fuzzy dice.  A few yards of discount fabric, a few black plates, and a few minutes in between unpacking/organizing and we were set.

Sadly, we did not win.  But we attempted costumes again with The Big Lebowski Fest at the Ambler Theater.  I made Greg his Lebowski pants and undershirt.  Apparently it is very easy to dye an old undershirt in a bit of acrylic paint and water.  I went as The Rug.

This time we had success, mostly because I tied it all together.  We had won Most Creative Costume which came with movies passes and The Big Lebowski on blu-ray.  Greg has already been thinking about next year.

Our final costume of the year was for vindication.  We were very disappointed that our fuzzy dice costume did not win especially after how many people asked us to pose.  Well, this year Greg came up with a brilliant idea– coffee cup and donut.  A few hours later, I made Greg a Dunkin Donut costume and a donut for myself.  We showed up to the Rest in Peace 5k and won.

Vindication never tasted so better especially since we won a restaurant gift certificate.




2 thoughts on “A Year in Review: The Costumes

    • We got a giant quilting hoop and cut a square of fabric to go around it (in the desired length.) Then I cut the same hoop size but about 20 inches wide and used batting 6″ by the length and kind of enveloped it and sewed it closed on the bottom. I pinned it to the big piece of fabric and sewed it along the top of the enveloped piece. I then cut a circle the size of the hoop with a bit extra and pinned it to the big piece and sewed it together (pin by the envelope piece) and then sewed the big piece together. Brought each side in a bit for the cone shape. Cut arm holes, printed out the lettering in DD font, traced on the felt and glued them on a separate piece of felt to be glued to the cup. Does that make sense? I kind of just winged it and hoped it turned out.

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