The Year Upcoming

During our Housiversary Week, we’ve looked at the projects we’ve tackled over the past year (or at least the most drastic ones/the ones I had decent pictures of) and the fun things we do when not projecting, so today has been decreed Housiversary Day 4: The Future!  If I had a Delorean, I could write a very accurate list of what we could accomplish but I don’t.

Therefore I turned to my trusty iPhone’s (RIP Steve Jobs) Magic 8 ball program to help decide if it would or would not happen. I now present our 6 goals for 2012.

1. The dining room.  Wall covered with the ugly, textured, 80s wallpaper make this room look incredibly dated.  And ugly.  See look, completely ugly and dated.  In the summer, we attended the Ambler Arts Stroll with Greg’s parents when they bought us this amazing watercolor print of Boat House Row.  It would look lovely in the dining room over a buffet but to make it happen, we need to make the room more currently.  We’ve already picked a few colors we like and have taped the color swatches on the wall.  Halfway there!

2. The Master Bath.  This room is my nemesis with it’s black tile and the paperless walls (my oops for peeling it way to early) but it is a goal to have it done.  We know this is something we can’t handle ourselves, so the value of me proposition will come into play.

3. The Doors.  We will paint all these doors white (and the new powder room door.)  I am tired of no handles on our basement doors.

4. The Last 2%.  It feel like we’ve left the last 2% of a few project hanging.  Our goal is to finish the last 2% of our 2011 projects.  I have a feeling this will be a reoccurring item for the next few years.

5.  The Wet Bar.  Our family room has a wet bar which is so not needed.  We want to turn it into closet space to put things like dog toys which leads us to our final goal.  I’m not going to show you what’s behind those doors because it’s messy.

Like really messy.

6. The Puppy.  Yep, we are getting a puppy sometime in the next few months.  Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “The Year Upcoming

  1. What about keeping the black and white tile (for now) and giving the bathroom an “intentional” retro look? I’ve seen many an old bathroom (particularly those powder blue, baby pink, or yellow tiled baths that were oh so popular in the 40’s) clean up the original tile, change fixtures and the like and it can look totally retro and adorable. Just a thought 🙂

    • Last October, that was the plan (lots of house blog surfing happened to figure out how to deal with the tile) but after living in the bathroom and discovering lose/cracked floor tiles and realizing the tub needs to be replaced in addition to replacing the toliet/vaniety/light fixture/medicine cabinet it makes more sense to do all of it.

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