Fall is Here

Ahhhh fall has arrived which means hoodie weather, snuggling with my baby, hayrides, and pumpkin coffee.   Sadly it also means raking leaves, allergies, and snow coming in two months.  Over the past few days we celebrated fall in both the good and bad ways.

Sure, hoodies were worn while I was dealing with my allergies and laying on the couch passed out on Sudafed.  Then the Sudafed haze passed and I realized we needed to take care of the leaf situation in the backyard.  Greg went off to school and I busted out the leaf blower (which after watching this week’s The Walking Dead would not help in the even of a zombie apocalypse).  I thought the seven yard waste bag would be plenty but alas, a trip to Lowe’s was needed.

I never realized how many trips to Lowes/Home Depot would be needed during projects.  Makes me wish we got a house within walking distance to one.

Two days and 12 bag later, we had the back/front yard and deck cleared of leaves.

Now onto the good parts of fall– PUMPKINS!

Somehow I managed to get two large pumpkins from Giant for $5.69.  I wasn’t going to call the cashier over because her and the manager seemed quite busy with the extreme couponer in the self-check out line.

Sidenote- Extreme Couponers, if you don’t want me to run you over with my cart, please do not use the self-checkout line.

We broke  out our trusty pumpkin caring kit which we used several times for watermelon drinks and set out to carve the best darn pumpkins ever.  I went completely preppy and carved my monogram into the pumpkin (yes, I am that girl) and Greg managed to use bolts in his pumpkin (yes, he’s become that Mike Holmes wannabe.)

Our original plan was to roast the seeds but our pumpkins were sadly lacking in seeds.

We drew our designs in sharpie and found out if we messed up, rubbing alcohol removed the lines we didn’t care for.  We both had spent a great deal of time planning out our designs during the week (scary, sad, or awesome– it’s for you to decide) because these are the first pumpkins carved for the house.  BIG DEAL.

Ok, maybe just a BIG DEAL for us.

Greg started a few minutes after me because he needed to enjoy a little time with his pumpkin spice coffee from the Wawa which it seems many people are addicted based upon the number of status updates I see on a daily basis regarding pumpkin spice coffee/latte.  This worked out well for us because we only have one set of carving tools and allowed us work at the same time but on other tasks.

Until I got tired of carving and let Greg use the tools all by himself for a while.

Let me tell you, Greg is very seriouos about carving his pumpkins.

And I mean really serious.  Look at that game face.

To the point I was worried about his busting out Mr. Level when he inserted the bolts into his pumpkin.

About an hour later, we were done!

Happy Fall to everyone!


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