Recycling Apartment Styles

Almost a year ago, I moved into Casa de Legendary after living at Casa de Awesome for six years with the best roommate ever (second only to Greg).

Ashlea and I moved a few months after graduating college and slowly started decorating.  And I mean slowly since we were poor young college graduates in the public relations field.  Although after watching 2 Broke Girls, I am very confused as to how their apartment for TWO BROKE GIRLS looks waaaay better than our apartment for two working professional girls (wow, that made us sound like hookers which we were not.)

Ashlea’s parents got us living room curtains after visiting a few times and realizing they weren’t high on our priority list of things.  The curtains hung until I moved out.  Heck, I bought my couch because it matched the curtain’s color. After a discussion of how to break-up our cumulative crap, I got the curtains.

See, all matchy matchy to go with out very beige rug.  I considered the curtain ownership a victory because I had the ideal place for them in Greg’s house.

Then they sat.

And sat.

And sat.

Until a few weeks ago when we decided to finally hang them.  That’s when we realized somewhere along the line we lost the brackets to attach it to the wall.  So off to Lowe’s we went.

Did you know it was cheaper to buy a complete curtain rod set than just the wall brackets?  I guess it was fate because they had a curtain rod with fleur de leigh finials.

No, they were not going into our Paris themed family room.   They are going in our living room because we hate the vertical blinds.

Greg busted out Mr. Level and his power tools and got to work taking down the dreaded vertical blinds.  Greg was very excited because he got to use his Little Giant ladder again.  A little spackling of the screw holes and we were good to go.

First we made a few marks as to where we wanted the rod to be placed. Then Mr. Level came out to play and check the marks.  We drilled the bracket in, checked with Mr. Level again.  Put the curtain rod in.  Checked with Mr. Level again.

And then we enjoyed how much larger the room looked.  Now we just need sheers.


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