Five on Friday

As a pinterest addict, I can pin everything I love even if there is no possible way it could work in my house.  But then you see how many other people start repining (think of it as facebook liking and reposting) the item.  An afternoon mental break later, I figured heck, let’s share these things with my readers because they might enjoy seeing them.

Then fleshing out this concept even further (thank you MBA critical thinking skills), I decided to start a new segment which will hopefully be a weekly or at least twice a month segment.

Ok, maybe it’s because we are slowly running out of house projects for 2011 from a budgetary perspective.

But without much ado, I now present my Five on Friday!  This week’s five will have a snow theme because we are due to get some out of the ordinary snow this weekend.  Time hasn’t even fallen back and we are getting snow.  Mother Nature must have been smoking something this week.

1. Great Mustaches Mug from Z Gallerie.  Perfect for drinking hot chocolate on snow days while watching whatever Law & Order marathon happens to be on television at the time.  Maybe the mug will inspire you to grow facial hair to help ward off the chilly winter air (only applicable for our male readers or ladies, switch facial hair with leg hair and you are good to go.)

2. 4-Chrome Crystal Chandelier from  How does this not scream wintertime with the icicle-esque  feel of the chandelier.  In a nice light blue/grey/mellow shade dining room, this light would be the start attraction.

3. Paros Mercury Glass Lanterns from Pottery Barn.  I have quite a love/hate relationship with Pottery Barn– I love their stuff but hate their prices.  These lanterns have a wintertime feel to them but could easily be used as table lighting during a midsummer night barbeque.

4. Trellis Faltweave Indoor Rug from Pier One.   The calming tones of this rug make it a neutral for most rooms but also make it ideal for any winter themed rooms.  Subtle enough to not draw attention to itself but more than just a basic rug.

5.  Craftsman 20″ Combo Shovel from Sears.  If it’s going to snow, you better be prepared with a shovel and this one has the comfort grip which is key.  We have this one and love it!  Greg uses to shovel before work and I use it to shovel while he’s at work.

Now that you’ve read the first Five on Friday, should I keep it going?



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