The Bottomless Bowl of Jalapenos

Remember how I spoke about the bajillion jalapeno peppers my garden grew this summer?  Well after salsa, two huge batches of jalapeno poppers, and countless additions to dinner, I still had a bowl of them in the fridge.  Some days it felt like a bottomless bowl.  Who would have thought six plants would provide me with so many jalapenos.

Thank god for the snow, it finally ended my jalapeno growth.

But what to do with the GIANT bowl of jalapeno still left in the fridge?

Well, the answer was simple—Jalapeno Tequila.  Over the summer, we had cocktail at the Ritz (yes, we are fancy like that and it was only twice) where Greg fell in love with their Jalapeno Margarita (the reason for our second visit).  Making a Jalapeno Margarita is simple—jalapeno tequila with margarita mix.  Enjoy.

I was tired of having my fridge full of jalapenos and decided to try it when I made our pumpkin pie vodka (more on that later when it’s finished).

Step One

Wash the jalapenos.

Step Two

Rub vegetable oil on your forearms to prevent the hot stuff from getting on your skin.

Step Three

Put gloves on.

Step Four

Optional depending on how many jalapenos you are chopping, think about eyewear.

Step Five

Slice the jalapenos in half, longwise.

Step Six

Deseed all but one.

Step Seven

Dump into a container.  In our case we used a Johnson’s popcorn container.

Step Eight

Add tequila.  I like the use a middle of the road silver tequila.  Do not use gold tequila for infusing.

Step Nine

Shake it up and set it aside.

Step Ten

Test two days later.  If you like the taste, strain it and pour back into the bottle.  If not, wait two more days and repeat.

We had our Jalapeno Tequila sit for five days and it was pretty strong but delicious.  I kept one half which had a minimal amount of seeds on the jalapeno to add a bit of strength to the tequila.  When infusing it’s best to keep the mixture out of direct sunlight.



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