Christmas Came Early

Once upon a time there was a little boy who wanted a puppy more than anything in the world. As he grew up, he continued to want this puppy and then one day he told his girlfriend his ultimate Christmas wish—a puppy.

And she promptly responded that if he got her a white pony that pooped marshmallows, she would get him a puppy.

Scarily enough, he found the pony and presented it to her that Christmas. And by found, I mean made out of a stuff animal, turkey baser, and some PVC pipe (without using Mr. Level).

Now the girl was in big time trouble because she had no puppy. She promised him next year but next year came and went.

Then she promised him in the fall.

Well, the fall came and his ultimate Christmas wish came home. Greg got his puppy.

Introducing Hazelnut Marie Hicks! Miss Hazel is an eight week old chocolate lab who has been demanding our undivided attention since she arrived on Saturday. She even helped me make a crockpot dinner during our lunch break. So if you’ve been wondering why I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks (and will be sporadically updating over the next few), it’s been due to a wedding, minivacation, and getting the house ready for Miss Hazel.

She even has tools ready to help her daddy.


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