Let’s Make a Deal

As we all know, I heart a deal especially when it involves big time savings.  One of the reasons I look for the deals regarding house items is so that we can apply the savings elsewhere.   Now that we have Hazelnut the wonder pup, we needed to make a rather large purchase—a Dyson vacuum (minus all the extra purchase attachments).

Greg’s mom has very bad allergies when it comes to dogs and we wanted to find something to help reduce the hair and dander from Hazel but spending $500-600 without a sale was hard to justify.

Two months ago, it felt as though the refurbished units were constantly popping up for $290 but once we seriously started talking about a dog- they were never to be seen again.

Yesterday I was on slickdeals looking for a Black Friday office chair deal when I saw Kohl’s had a 30% off with a stackable 15% coupon and free shipping, if you use a Kohl’s card.  Did I mention it was also Kohl’s cash time ($10 for every $50 you spend.)

Sidenote- for those of you who do not know what stackable means, it is when you can use more than one coupon code.  Most stores limit your coupon use to one which means it’s party time when you can combine.

Best part—it was brand new and not refurbished.

My mom picked up the Kohl’s card a few years ago when I wanted my blue KitchenAid mixer for Christmas since the coupons offered the best price.   So I called up and got the digits (only after promising to write a check to her).  I guess after it took my sister a year to pay them back for her TV, they learned a lesson.  Before pulling the trigger, I did a quick bit of research to look at comparable costs (thank you, google):

After seeing that , my Kohl’s purchase was a go.  Now on to the good stuff, my cost breakdown:

Grand total was $410 after taxes.  Then we can subtract the $70 Kohl’s cash, which will be applied to Christmas decorations and Christmas presents, bringing our grand total down to $340, $139 cheaper than the lowest price online at Bank’s Vacuum SuperStores.

Fingers crossed it works for Hazel hair.


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