DIY Engagement

As it’s been recently pointed out to me by a reader, I’ve been MIA for a few weeks but with good reason.  First we got a puppy and then a week later I got a ball and chain.  Ok, the beginnings of a ball and chain but Greg does like to hold my ankle to make sure I get used to the feeling of it for life.

Needless to say with entertaining/training a puppy and navigating the waters of planning a Villanova Chapel wedding, I’ve been running out of hours in a day.

But back to what I really wanted to post about, our DIY Engagement.  Greg made a very memorable proposal at the Ambler Theater where he convinced me they were showing the original muppet movie as part of their saturday children’s movie series, they were not.  The empty theater didn’t phase me but when this trailer started, I knew something was up.

Yeah, he rocks and he is all mine officially.

Now back to the DIY part.  He made the ring as in from scratch not like telling a jeweler what he wanted.  Back in April he had seen (ok, I showed it to him) this article on Huffington Post and it made his recycling heart do somersaults.  We like to make things for each other and this fit with our love of the DIY.

Fast forward a few months of me going, “Did you make it yet?” “What is taking you so long?” and maybe a teary,  “Don’t you love me?”

I know, low blow.  I apologized after.

Mr. Sneaky did have a plan which started two years ago when he thought of how he was going to propose.  Ms. Nosey didn’t figure out the lengths he was going to make it memorable.

Mr. Sneaky did make it to NYC to build my ring at New York Wedding Ring and here is how it went down (from his perspective) in 20 simple steps.

1. Lie to girlfriend who thinks you are going to trade show.

2. Girlfriend looks at you suspiciously and googles name of venue on iPhone.  Questions you.

3. Anticipate Ms. Nosey’s questions and look up venue information before even mentioning anything to her.

4. Leave under the cloak of darkness and drive into the city.

5. Get a cup of coffee because no project is complete with out it.

6. Check pocket a few hundred times on the way to studio to verify you still have the diamond.

7. Start questioning this decision when handed a rod of platinum and told to cut it to length.

8. Make it red hot like my love for Diane.

9. Melt something on it.

10. Make it round which took a while because of my need for perfection.

11.  Flatten the front of the ring to make it look skinny in the front.

12. Shape it on the conehead thing.

13. Hours of sanding and shaping, going through various grits of sandpaper stuff.  Followed by more sanding with a rubber thing.

14.Run through wax roller to make it shiny because Diane likes shiny objects.

15. Cut open, insert setting, and solder to the ring.

16. Insert diamond, freak out about hammering prongs down on diamond.

17. Hit it with the wax buffer.

18. Figure out how you can use a Mr. Level with this project.

19. Be sad when you can’t.

20.  Smile when you know you will completely blow Diane’s socks off when she see it.  Pat self on back and grab celebratory coffee.

Isn’t it pretty?

And so concludes how to propose to your girlfriend. Now on to the planning which includes going up there to make our wedding bands.


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