It’s a Griswold Christmas

When Greg moved in last year, the neighbors warned him they were like the Griswold’s in regard to their Christmas decorating. We laughed it off thinking it couldn’t be that bad . . . until it was 10:30pm and we were laying in bed listening to their Christmas choir repeatedly sing the same song night after night.

Someone had sent us an email of a house all lit up with their neighbor having a sign lit up which read, “Ditto.” Boy, did we want to do it but the problem is these are the “Frost My Cookies” neighbors and we didn’t want to have to hear it until they or we moved.

Should I also add that they decorate their car roofs with garland?

Over the Thanksgiving holiday when they had been working for three weeks on their outdoor extravaganza, we ran to Lowe’s when we needed a puppy break. A few icicle lights and some lighted garland to compliment the lighted trees Greg’s parents gave him last year and we were ready to go.

Until we realized we were short one string of icicles.

Seriously there is no project which can be completed with only one trip to the store. We must be cursed. At this point I would have normally shown you a picture of the outside but we are running on little sleep due to the puppy (hence the lack of posts).

Now here is our neighbors house.

And here is ours. I think we pulled of the tasteful and festive without looking like Christmas vomited on our front yard and house.

Ok, we might have brought the dog outside and did the drum roll noise as the house lit up the first time just like the Griswolds.


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