New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, I am back from my temporary hiatus and I figured with the new year here, I should write to my readers.  Good news, Hazel is getting big which means we don’t have to entertain her every minute she is awake (just every other minute).

During our first annual housiversary, I posted upcoming projects we hope to achieve this year.  Today I am posting our new years resolutions.

1. Blog more.  Again, I am so sorry for not posting much recently.  Getting a puppy, getting engaged, and holiday crafting completely killed any spare time I had to blog.  We settled the vital wedding plans, Hazel can be trusted a bit more, and I finished crocheting four scarves, making two custom beer taps (more later), and making holiday baked goods.

2. Finishing the two percent.  Greg and I massively failed on the two percent front.  It seems that most project still have the last two percent to be finished.  We told ourselves that the dining room won’t be touched until the pantry is finished (we just need to stain the final wine rack and install the quarter round).  But first Greg wants to build his Christmas kegerator (more later).

3. Not just take pictures.  For Christmas, I made Greg two custom beer taps to be used on his Kegerator.  I just used railing spindles and wooden plaques–  oh and lots of glitter paint—to make them but I needed to use the table saw. Greg was terrified of me sawing my hand off and my unease with it lead to a few tense minutes with Greg standing outside the closed garage door while I worked.  I even gorilla glued the wooden plaques on because I worried about messing up with the drill.

Needless to say, this needs to change as soon as possible.  Home repair will be ongoing for the rest of our lives and I can’t hide behind the camera to let Greg do all the hard work (he can still do all the heavy lifting).

4. Learn a new skill.  We want to push ourselves a bit more with home projects and break out of our comfort zone.  This year we are planning to learn tiling.  My mom wants to redecorate her kitchen so we are pulling down the wallpaper for her and tiling her backsplash in pretty, iridescent tiles.  New skills=good stories of us messing up to post about!

5. Organize, organize, organize! Do you know we still have boxes from when Greg moved in unpacked?  We need to get better with our organization in the garage, in the house, and in office.  It’s a good thing I got a label maker for Christmas!

What are some of your new years resolutions?


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