Tightening the Belt

2012 shall be known as the belt tightening year at Casa de Legendary. Last year we dove head first into projecting and didn’t think about our wallets.

Big mistake.

Before you start thinking we went into debt, we did not but we didn’t save our pennies like we should have. After a few conversations, Greg and I decided to cut back on personal items this year in addition to cutting back on our regular trips to HomeGoods/Michaels/Kohl’s for home items. We’ve got to get on our savings path and needed to fully look at what we wanted to do before making any decisions.

Oh and we made the no new shoes for Diane decision. Also out- any new nail polish purchases. *Sigh*

Side note: running shoes are allowed since they are a necessity to prevent injury.

We also started our 2012 home budget just to see and plan accordingly. We also started saving our pennies for wedding related items since our part of the party is coming in around $10k including honeymoon and wedding rings.

Now on to our budget/project list!

The 2 percent

  • Estimated cost: $200
  • Cost includes finish the pantry (already have the supplies), painting all our new doors (need to get paint), and finish painting the guest room and man cave.

Master bathroom

  • Estimated cost: $5000-8000
  • Gut the room and make it look pretty!

Sump pump (inside)

  • Estimated cost: $1500.
  • We’ve already met with the contractors but need to call them . . . once I find the quote.

Sump pump (external) & grading

  • Estimated cost: $2000;
  • We need to wait until the spring before meeting with contractors to determine what is truly needed.

Dining room

  • Estimated cost: $500
  • We plan on taking down the 80s wallpaper, painting, stenciling, and adding chair rail to make the room look pretty. When we redo the kitchen, we plan on adding hardwood to the floors downstairs.

Florida room furniture

  • Estimated cost: $300
  • We already have a small island we want to convert into a buffet by picking up another cabinet.

Kegerator cabinet

  • Estimated cost: $200
  • Greg is mostly done with his kegerator (more to come later) and we’ve been discussing building a cabinet around it. This may or may not happen in 2012.

Basement carpeting

  • Estimated cost: $500
  • I have no idea how much carpet costs and I took a guess. We shall see . . .

Ceiling fans

  • Estimated cost: $1000
  • I’ve never understood why shows on HGTV remove ceiling fans since we have been wanting to install them for several months. We plan on installing them in all the bedrooms/office but need to have an electrician come and wire the rooms for it.


  • Estimated cost: $1000
  • Again, another random guess. We want to put a high fence up along the back of our property and plan on attempting it ourselves. Should be an interesting adventure.

Backyard/Front yard

  • Estimated cost: $500
  • More flowers, dirt and other garden supplies. We’ve avoided the backyard last year but cannot this year.

Grand total= $12,700- $15,700

It’s a pretty scary number but we’ve been planning for the bathroom part for the past year. Now it’s time to get motivated and start working.

Oh and hide the credit cards.


3 thoughts on “Tightening the Belt

  1. The hubby and I have been remodeling our major fixer upper for 3 years. We started out with absolutely no plan and just started gutting. Money was quickly spent and last year was the first year where we said we need a plan. Our plans just recently got changed due to a sudden move out of the country for work, but I will still be planning for when we return. It’s good to see you guys have a plan and a budget. It is hard to not buy those things that you are used to, but it is worth it. When I ordered my kitchen cabinets with cash at the end of last year I was so happy! I think doing my own pedi’s and plucking my eyebrows is worth it! Good luck! I look forward to reading your future posts!

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