Beer Me, Part One

Over the summer, Greg learned how to brew beer.  He’s always wanted to do it and then Groupon deal for Keystone Beverage popped up.  The deal offered a kit and a class which was very helpful for the first time brewer.  We went to our first craft beerfest in 2009 and fell in love with craft beer at Beerfest at the Ballpark.

I took a ton of pictures and video each time we made beer but never posted them. Yes, I am a bad blogger. We even made super cute labels and built a Facebook page for Crusty Local Brewery.

Sorry, manly labels with a burly pirate.

You essentially have three options for beer making—easy, more complicated, and what was I thinking.  We started with the easy which had a few steps.

1. Boil water.

2. Add malt.

3. Boil a bit more.

4. Cool down.

5. Add more water.

6. Add sugar.

7. Wait a few days.

8. Bottle.

Ok, there might be a bit more involved but I’m all about the cliffnotes (or sparknotes) version of beer making.

You’re all probably wondering where I am heading with this.  After bottling two batches of beer, I decided kegging would be ideal mostly because bottling was tedious—from removing beer bottle labels to cleaning the bottles to the mess of bottling.  Should I tell you I made this decision without consulting the brewmaster?  It’s a good thing I made this decision around Christmas.

It’s an even better thing Greg’s brother found the kegerator kit in his basement and gave it to us (thanks Steve!).  Add a Lowe’s coupon in and we have the greatest Christmas surprise ever.  The giant box sat in our living room taunting Greg because he had no idea what it could have been.

While it was taunting him (and I was forgetting to take pictures of everything), I started making custom tap handles from railing spindles because every home kegerator needs glitter taps.  I also needed to use the table saw which scared Greg.  He had no idea what I was making but set it up and paced outside the door listening for sounds of me accidentally sawing a body part off.

I did not.  Thank you three years of stage crew at Villanova.

Christmas day arrived and he had a wonderful surprise—a mini fridge and a project.

But, enough for part one.  Stay tuned for part 2—making a kegerator with our new project supervisor, Hazel.


2 thoughts on “Beer Me, Part One

    • We ended up turning the label into a b&w line drawing so we could print it at home. The name came from Greg and our friend Patrick’s love of dive bars. They like hanging out with the crusty locals. The name came from that train of thought.

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