And we’re back!

It’s official, I’m the worst blogger ever since I couldn’t even get a post up in the past month.  My new year’s resolution of blogging more fell by the wayside.


We just haven’t been doing much to the house due to Greg’s course load.  When he is homeworking from 8pm- midnight several nights a week and then on Saturday, it hard to get motivated to do anything other than enjoy our downtime on Sunday.  Hazel doesn’t like it when Greg is doing homework and decides it’s playtime until he is done.

She stared at him from across the room with her squeaky ball firmly placed in her mouth.  The she starts squeaking it, signaling the start of playtime.  When he doesn’t respond, she moves closer and repeats the process.  When that doesn’t work, she sits in front of him and chews his binder.  Then she walks over to me and squeaks the ball in my face.  We start playing but she heads back to Greg and squeaks the ball in his face.

Back to house stuff—I made it one of my goals this year to finish our two percent.  Slowly I have been working my way down the list.

  • Painted the bald spot in the guest bedroom.
  • Painted the door jambs we had replaced.
  • Ordered a groupon for $50 worth of paint for $25 to replace the trim paint from 1989 we’ve been using.  This is will encourage us to paint the numerous doors which need to be taken care of.
  • Put our Christmas decorations away!  We just had them taking up room in the living room.  Now they are somewhat put away.
  • Called for a ceiling fan quote.  We’re doing it, we are getting ceiling fans for the bedrooms.  Now we just need to get some ceiling fans.
  • Put together my new office chair which I got as a Christmas present.

I even attempted to snake the shower drain as part of my trying to do more goal.  I failed because I couldn’t get the drain open.  Greg promised to take it off so I can snake the drain.  Woohoo!

Is it sad that I get excited over snaking a drain?

For those of you who have been waiting for Beer Me, Part 2—it’s coming.  We’ve had an issue with the kegerator and want to figure it out before posting about our awesome new toy.

And now for what you are all waiting for, the most recent pictures of the nutter butter.


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