Five on Friday: The Wedding Edition

Yep, I’m bringing back Five on Friday.  Although does it count as bringing it back if I only did it once before?  This time I’ve changed up how I do it because I really don’t have the time nor the inclination to search the internet high and low for random household items based on a theme.

But I do have time and inclination to spend hours searching on Pinterest for theme related pins.

This is a busy weekend for me, we have my roommate’s bridal shower on Saturday and then wedding/bridesmaids/mother of dress shopping on Sunday which means you are getting a wedding related Five on Friday!

I do promise to post images from the bridal shower because many of the aspects were craft just for the day but it will happen after since I got reprimanded for posting a picture of the chocolate covered pretzel I made.

Hazel did manage to lick one of the pretzel which was set aside for Greg.

Now onto the Five on Friday!

1. Doggy Formal

What wedding isn’t complete without a puppy!  Shhh . . . don’t tell Greg I wrote this since Hazel cannot be part of our wedding day (Don’t feel bad for him, he’s getting the Villanova Wildcat.)  This link from Etsy covers all the accessories you would need on your wedding for both your bridal party and your doggy party.  Etsy is a love of mine and not just for wedding related items, we’ve used them for multiple pieces of art work for the house including the Phillies Facial hair poster.  For the past few showers/weddings, I’ve purchased cards off this site to provide something different from the Hallmark cards everyone else will be giving.

2. Envelope Liners

Not just for wedding but for everyday life to add a bit of pizazz (yes, I used the word pizazz).  All you need is an Exacto knife, a gift box, and an envelope.  Outline the envelope on the gift box, trim a half inch off the bottom and a quarter inch off each of the sides.  Then use it as your template for cutting them out.  We did simple invites for my roommate’s shower but lined the envelope in glitter wrapping paper and they looked amazing.  It’s easy and fun.

3. Decorated Mason Jars

It’s amazing what you can do with spray paint and a few jars.  Don’t limit yourself to the designs here, use whatever inspires you!  Fill with flower or a tea light and you have table decor done.

4. Glitter Heels

A step-by-step plan for glittered heels but not the way you think.  Since the bride will have her back to the guests during the ceremony, these glittered soles are a fun way to let the audience see something sparkle.

5. Brooch Bouquet

There are a ton of DIY tutorials online.  They add a bit of sparkle to your day and provides you with something you can keep after the wedding.  And it’s sparkly!!

Have a great Friday!


2 thoughts on “Five on Friday: The Wedding Edition

  1. i can make a cardboard cutout of hazel, attach a wire leash to it, and walk down the aisle with her. how does that sound?

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