Five on Friday: Spring Cleaning

Ahh Easter is a few days away which means only one things– spring cleaning.

Yeah, I think the fact I willingly wrote that line will shock my parents. Every spring in my parents’ household, we moved the furniture, vacuumed, wiped down the baseboards, and then moved the furniture back.  The other day I started wiping down the baseboards and Greg looked at me like I was crazy.

Just wait until I make him move the bedroom furniture.

Now on today’s Spring Cleaning Five on Friday provided by the wonderful world of Pinterest.

1. DIY Face Mask

Cleaning the house is going to make you sweat and if you sweat, there is a good chance your pores are going to start clogging.  Yeah, the reasonable thing to do would be to hire a cleaning lady and not even start with the cleaning.  So you have two options– clean the house and then clean your pores or hire someone and treat yourself to an DIY spa day because it does take a bunch of work to find a cleaner.   This recipe is just like the Biore Pore strips for a fraction of the price.  Very much worth the time it takes to make.

2. Glass stove top cleaner

Some days the stove gets incredibly dirty from something on the bottom of a pot.  Sure, I’ll scrub and scrub with the bottle stuff but it doesn’t always get everything off.  This method works wonderfully on my stove and it doesn’t use harsh chemicals.

3. Grill cleaner

So, yeah, one of our burners doesn’t work at this moment in time because our grill is very gross.  I cannot wait to try this tip for cleaning the grill.  With grill season rapidly approaching, our grill needs to sparkle and shine.  Woohoo to grilled veggies!!

4. Stainless Steel

Ugh, stainless steel is the bane of my existence sometimes.  The dog’s nose streaks it, water mars it,  and magnets don’t stick to it.  When Greg got the stainless steel dishwasher he signed a contract (at his suggestion) that said he was in charge of wiping it/keeping it free of streak marks.  Guess how many streak marks are on the dishwasher?  Hopefully some of these tips help him.

If you want to know how I got him to adopt the role of dishwasher cleaner, I said I didn’t want the stainless steel and it was his decision.  Then I reminded him that just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean it’s my job to clean his house, he’s a boy not an invalid.  I will say Greg does an amazing job with the household chores.  After a weekend of bridal showers/wedding dress shopping, Greg did laundry and cleaned the house.  He rocks.

5. Goodbye hard water stains

We suffer from hard water stains and they are a nightmare.  It took us several months (and several manicures) to realize we’re dealing with hard water and not soap scum.  Our traditional go-to of Magic Erasers didn’t even make an impact on the stains.  After trying everything, we ended up with lime remover.  After reading this post, I found out lemons solve our problem too.

Lemons, who would have thought?

Have a great Easter or Passover!


One thought on “Five on Friday: Spring Cleaning

  1. I use baking soda all the time to clean my stove and glassware. It’s so fabulous. It makes my glassware sparkle!

    And now I’m going to have to try that lemon trick in our bathrooms…

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