Go Big or Go Home

Typically I never utter the words that came out of my mouth.   Greg stood frozen in shock and joy.

“Might as well go big or go home.”

Six ceiling fans, two carts, and several hundred dollars later, Greg was still surprised I was willing to spend $200 on a ceiling fan and over $150 on two others.  Heck, a few weeks later I still believe he’s in shock over it.

Normally, I’m the buy “the middle of the line” item and here I was agreeing to pay for half of some very expensive fans.

To top it all off, I even got a Lowe’s card for the five percent off all purchases.  After signing the paper work, I informed Greg he’s getting the Kohl’s card.  A few minutes later he realized that he was going to be having the girly card while I have the manly card.

Muwahahahah.  I’m evil like that.

After hauling the fans in and out of the car in the rain, they sat in the corner of the living room . . . for a few weeks.

Fast-forward to today.  Our ceiling fans were installed!  We knew they needed to be complete before the attic reached Sahara temperatures during the spring/summer/fall months since we needed to send a few electricians up there to install the supports and electric boxes for our fancy ceiling fans.

Yes, I am calling them fancy.  After the price tag associated with them, they’ve received the title.

Before the electricians came, we marked each room with an X on the wall to determine placement of the ceiling fans based on a tip from  John and Sherry at Young House Love.  Since we had the air vent in the middle of the ceiling, we placed the ceiling fan next to it.  Yes, we measured to make sure the vent was center.

Side note: My lackadaisical ways must be rubbing off on Greg.  He wanted to measure with a piece of rope.  Yes, a piece of rope.  His thoughts were if we folded it in half and the vent was there, we’d be good.  After asking what pod person was standing in front of me, Greg agreed to use a tape measure.  Who would have ever thought this day would come?

Now, X marks the spot for buried treasure and other good things.  Ceiling fans are the greatest treasure since they keep it cool and save us money.

The electricians were beyond thrilled with my organization.  They were further impressed when they saw I taped notes on to each box noting what color blades should be showing.

What can I say, I have labeling issues.

We did not place an X on the family room ceiling but I went over it with them that morning since it I couldn’t reach the ceiling to mark it.  I’m not going to bore you with a play-by-play of installing supports, boxes, and wiring.  So we shall treat this like magic– abracadabra!

We had all our ceiling fans in place!  Woohoo!

The greatest difference was for the room we did even plan on changing– our patio.  We found an amazing ceiling fan and decided to include the room.  Everyone, including the electricians, have raved about the fan.  Here is the before & after.

Now for the all-important price breakdown:


  • Office fan (Meridan style)- $89.96
  • Master bedroom (Cabrillo style)- $99.98
  • Guest bedroom (Crosswinds style)- $89.96
  • Man cave (Teolo style)- $169
  • Family room (Fairfax style)- $149
  • Patio (Northshore style)- $199

Subtotal $796.90

Minus $157 left on a gift card

Minus $50 gift card

Total: $589.90 plus tax

William Thome Electric (estimates since I’m waiting on the bill)

  • 2 rooms at $140
  • 3 rooms at $300
  • 1 room at $400


Grand Ceiling Fan total: $2029.90

Quite a bit off from our original prediction of $1000 but as I said, go big or go home.


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