Digging in the Dirt

Remember the days when you took a day off because you had too good of a time the night before at happy hour?  Once you get a house, you take days off to get yard work done since it’s supposed to rain over the weekend.


At least I treated myself to a beer afterwards.

Our front yard has been a mess but we hadn’t touched it because of the inconsistencies in weather.  Sure we had a few very warm days in March but that doesn’t mean we’re going to join all our neighbors in doing yard work.  Why plant something when it’s going to freeze the next week.  So up until two Fridays ago, we were those neighbors with the very untidy flowerbeds.

The evidence.

We knew it was going to be a big job for us because we wanted to do more than weed, we wanted to pull everything up.  My day started at 7:30 with a trip to Lowe’s (our new go-to for everything but paint since we have the card), Walmart, and Marano’s Plants.  Wheeling ten bags of mulch to my little car had me rethinking the brilliance of my plan but I made it work.   It’s amazing how much my Honda can hold with a little shoving.

Prices: $105 spent at Lowe’s for 10 bags of mulch, two rose bushes, 12 marigolds, and 2 other plants that looked really funky.  Then I spent $35 at Marano’s on 100 pachysandra and a cilantro plant for a grand total of $140.

Side note: I grew up with my parent’s calling Pack of Sandra as a joke and it wasn’t until I started googling “pack of sandra plants” and found nothing,  I realized it was one of those weird things they brain washed me with.  Just like there are times when I say, “We are from France,” in the Coneheads voice when people mention France.  It’s a good thing I learned to mostly do it in my head now.

Greg spent the morning doing homework (only a week left of class!) while I ripped out the weeds, half dead shrubs, weed blocker, and stones.  We agreed to keep t he stones in the flower beds lining the driveway because it was only one section and allowed people to walk from the grass to the door.  When Greg came out to join me, the yard looked like this:

We laid new weed blocker (made from recycled plastic bottles) beneath the stones and slowly put them back on.  It doesn’t seem like it would take a long time but it does.  Before Greg came outside, I had placed all the plants where they were to be planted.  When it came time to dig the holes, we realized we lacked a shovel.

Seriously, every home improvement project involves one random trip to the hardware store.

We had a hosta growing behind our front porch and decided to split it for planting in the front.   We dug our new holes first and then went to dig out the hosta.  We couldn’t get the shovel down and after a little hand digging on Greg’s part, we realized what the problem was.  Apparently hostas are very hearty plants which can grow anywhere . . . including on a brick.

During the afternoon a few neighbors came over to talk and tell us how nice our yard was looking which made me think we were THOSE neighbors who don’t care about their property.  We planted everything (except the pachysandra) and laid eight bags of mulch.  We had wanted to remove the stones from around the mailbox but ran out of time.   Greg and I were thrilled with the front yard progress.

Now we just have to deal with this.  Anyone want some stones?


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