It’s been crazy at work recently and by the end of the day I needed to do something which would make me feel better.  So I picked crafting.  It’s a nice relaxing feeling to do something pretty mindless after spending hours dealing with important issues.  I ran to Michael’s at lunch and found a $1 plastic dinosaur which reminded me of something on pinterest.

Glitter dinosaur (Glittersaur) planter time.

Yes, glitter dinosaur.


What you will need:

  • Small succulent plant (not pictured)
  • dinosaur
  • knife
  • scissors
  • paint
  • soda/water bottle

1. Cut the back off the dinosaur.   I sawed into him to create an entry point and then started cutting a box shape.

2. Get an empty water bottle.

3. Place dinosaur on water bottle and start painting.  You can use whatever paint you want, I chose glitter because I like glitter.

4.  Three coats of glitter paint later, I was ready for the plant.

5. Insert plant.

6. Make roar noise.

And you are done!


3 thoughts on “Glittersaur

  1. Oh wow!! would love to try this. There’s just something about succulents that I find so beautiful! but the last one I planted is not doing so good. is it the soil? what kind of soil did you use?

    • I just used some potting soil I had from the garden. This is my first succulent so we shall see how well it lasts. I have a habit of killing all house plants except for poinsettias.

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