Five on Friday: The Grill Edition

Happy Friday Readers!  This Friday’s edition focuses on one of the best aspects of the summer– the grill.  At our house, we use the grill on a very regular basis and in less than a month, a smoker will be joining the rotation.  So in honor of my soon to be birthday present, the gas smoker, I bring you Five on Friday courtesy of Pinterest!

1. Barbeque Basting Brush– I just bought one for making chocolate covered bacon (an upcoming post) and decided to use it the other day when grilling up some veggies.  It’s now a staple and will become even more of a staple when I start smoking ribs and pork.  It’s a versatile tool and super helpful.   If you don’t have one, consider getting one– it’ll give you a reason to make chocolate covered bacon.

2. Grilled Cabbage– We made this a few times on warm winter days and realized it’s the best way to eat cabbage. You can easily play around with the ingredients and it will taste great (unless you do some godawful combination).  The cabbage takes about 40 minutes to cook but is worth it.

3. S’mores Kit– Going to a summer barbeque and need to bring a hostess gift?  This is perfect because who doesn’t love s’mores.  Heck, invite people over and make them their own s’more kit for sitting around the fire pit or in our case, the side burner of the grill.

4. Apron- After watch multiple seasons of Top Chef,  I learned one thing– you have to dress the part.  This apron should inspire confidence to your guests or at least distract them enough to not notice the overly charred food.  Who wouldn’t want to be Venus for a day?  It’s just awesome for any chef .  As I said earlier, my birthday is coming up so feel free to send me one as a present.

5. Banana Boats– We’ve been working more and more bananas into our daily menu from faux banana ice cream to green monsters.  Last night we made banana boats and discovered our new summer dessert.  They take about 5 minutes to prepare and a few minutes to grill but provide an evening of yum.  You can stuff them with whatever you have on hand– we used almonds, mini marshmallows, and crushed Heath bars and it was heaven.

Have a great weekened and go get grilling!


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