Thirty in Thirty

What did you do this weekend?  We kicked off my last month of being thirty with a ten mile run down Broad Street!  A few years ago, I convinced my dad and sister to join me on the course and it’s been something we’ve done together.  You see, Broad Street was my first road race which I stupidly did with minimal training with my friend Kathy.  We made ourselves awesome shirts and tried to get on TV.

Fast forward seven years and the four of us wore our medals proudly.

It was a great way to kick off my last month of being in my twenties.  Greg woke me up with a present– a countdown calendar for my birthday!

Today’s page of the calendar

We even spent time on Saturday planning for our future by scoping out wedding photo locations on campus because we’re dorky like that.

Isn’t he handsome?

We have a few great things planned for my last days before thirty:

  • A plane pull for the Ronald McDonald House (please feel free to donate)
  • A triathlon
  • A half marathon
  • Starting a Couch to 5k program
  • Two Phillies Games
  • First time being a bridesmaid
  • Strassing a pair of cork wedges
  • Not cooking for two weeks
  • Hibachi dinner with my family

Did any of you do anything special in the month before you turned 30?


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