It’s over!!!  As of few days ago, Greg finished the semester which means only one thing— project time!!

As you can tell, the household is very excited the semester is over.  Greg spent two to three nights a week doing homework until the wee hours of the morning.  Hazel and I are happy to have him back.

Having him back means we can start tackling projects like painting doors and redecorating the dining room.

Or removing rocks.

Or teaching Hazel not to counter surf.

I’ve divided the project list into three groups: House, Diane, and Wedding.  Yes,  I have my own category because I am that awesome.  Greg would have a category but I don’t know what his private projects are.  Here goes with our list and current status (time frame: now until September.)


  • Dining room- stencil has been ordered and I have been given the a-ok to start peeling wallpaper.  We have the trim paint and picked out the wall paint.
  • Fence- We need to go to a few fencing stores and figure out prices.  We also need to have the landscaper come to grate the side of the house.
  • Yard- We need to have the neighbors take the stones from the backyard and help Greg’s friend remove the ones from the front.
  • Doors- Paint has been purchased thanks to a $25 for $50 Benjamin Moore coupon.  Now we just need to start.
  • Hallway Lights- We splurged during the ceiling fan extravaganza on two lights for the upstairs hallway.  Goal is to complete installation this weekend.
  • Kitchen Pendant Light-  We need to paint the ceiling where the old light was.  Maybe I can make it a goal for this weekend.
  • Wet bar- Rip out sick and add shelving.


  • Finish college t-shirt quilt now that I have a rotary cutter.
  • Finish rhinestone shoes.
  • Finish boss lady’s baby quilt.
  • Organize crafting closet.
  • Start racecar baby quilt.
  • Make DIY camera bag.


  • Work on super secret Groom’s present.
  • Work on super secret MOB/MOG present.
  • Make clutches.
  • Print the backs of our Save the Dates.
  • Talk to florists.
  • Finish wedding banner.

Now we just have to start.  What are some of your summer projects?


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