I’m a Lumberjack and I’m OK

Greg and I had a productive weekend.  Ok, more than a productive weekend, my friend Jess said we got more done than most people do in a month.

What can I say, I like checking things off on my list.

One of those things wasn’t even on my list to begin with but somehow I became a lumberjack this weekend.  The weather was gorgeous on saturday and I wanted to season my smoker. Before we could do any of that, we had to tackle a few other projects.

Like the horribleness of our backyard.

It’s not really that horrible, just not our taste.  So we slowly started working on transforming this.  Our summer long plan is to remove all the stone and plant grass with a mulch border along the deck.  We need to trim the bushes around the edges of the deck and grade the side of the house to help with drainage issues.  All of these need to get done before we can install a fence.  The back of the yard is another story.  Let’s say we need a huge truck for yard waste pick up and a giant bottle of weed killer.

First things first, I grabbed my new camera while Greg hooked up Hazel outside.

Then Greg started rockin’ and rollin’ with the mismatching trellis.



Don’t worry, he had his coffee (iced) for this project.

Then I started to cut down this partial tree.  I say partial because the previous owners cut it down, left the stump, and then let branches grow up from around the stump.

And then they put a flower pot on the stump.

We were just stumped regarding the whole setup.  (Get it, we were STUMPED!)

Hahaha I crack myself up sometimes.

While Greg started on another project, I sawed down the tree, taking it one branch at a time.  I cut them down half way and then the final half.  Hazel was in heaven and would drop the branch she was chewing for the freshly cut down one.

At one point, she planted herself in the middle of the branches and started chewing like she was at a buffet.  When I started to pull them into our yard waste pile, she would try to pull a few out of the group I was dragging.

A few hours later, we had finished with our yard projects.  Don’t you think it makes a great difference.


3 thoughts on “I’m a Lumberjack and I’m OK

    • If you think that is bizarre, you should see what they have to deal with water issues– a buried sump pump. Needless to say that is coming up in the next few weeks.

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