Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  Did this week drag for anyone else because it seemed never ending to me.  Sure, I got a few blog posts written for the upcoming week and we projected a bit but the days seemed to go on forever. I blame the nice summer weather.

Yesterday when I asked Greg for a Five on Friday topic he thought it should be about our engagement/Hazel pictures since they were happening on Friday.  After surfing Pinterest for a better theme, his idea won.  Now you might be thinking this is all wedding related.

It’s not.

I swear.

We’re having our pictures taken at the Philadelphia Art Museum and that offers us with a ton of Five on Friday ideas.   So sit back, relax, waste a few minutes and enjoy our Five on Friday while we try not to sweat too much at the Art Museum.

1. Faux Brass Frames

These faux brass frames are super easy and gorgeous!  All you need is painters tape, gold spray paint, and a frame.  It’s a simple way to make an ordinary frame a bit more attractive and eye catching.  Heck, you probably have most of the items floating around your house– I know we do.

2. Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress

When I was a little girl, WPVI used to show old movies on saturday afternoons.  One saturday they showed To Catch a Thief with Grace Kelly and  my mom informed me that her wedding dress was at the art museum.  Needless to say I have always equated the art museum with Grace Kelly’s wedding dress.  For years it was on permanent display until they realized the damage it was causing to her fabric.

Onmywedding day, Grace Kelly and I will have something in common– we both will rock the Juliet cap.  Her’s made by MGM and mine made by my mom 33 years ago.

3. The Rocky Statue and Art Museum Steps

Did you know the art museum steps are the number one tourist attraction in Philadelphia?  Everyone wants to run the Rocky stairs.  Hazel ran them at 10 weeks and will again today.

4. DIY Sidewalk Paint

Our photographer ( suggested we bring a prop of some sort for the session– something that illustrates a love of ours.  Since the Eiffel Tower can’t be moved, we settled on sidewalk chalk because it’s fun and we can draw things we love.  This recipe brings sidewalk chalk to a whole new level by making it paint like.  It’s an easy recipe and will provide hours of fun for you or the little ones in your life.

5. 101 Portrait Tips

Everyone can get better with their picture taking and these tips offer idea/areas/suggestions for improvement.  Now that I have my amazing new camera, I can’t wait to try some of them!

Have a great weekend!


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