Five on Friday: The Party Edition

For this week’s Five on Friday, you need just a bit of background.  Over the weekend we hosted my dad’s surprise 60th birthday party . . . which is why we had to finish so many projects in a very short time (yes, I am slowly working on writing the posts).  We realized that being so busy greatly reduced the chances we had to talk to him in the week leading up to the party (helped with not spilling the beans!).

Yep, that meant we completed a project without having to borrow tools or call for advice.

Go us!

We had found these fun backyard activities before we started the two weeks of housapolooza and thought they’d be fun to incorporate at his party (at least one of them).

Guess how many we incorporated?

Yep, zero.  But we did manage to keg our home brew of Genesee Cream Ale at 3am the Wednesday before the party (beer needs to carbonate at a higher rate for 36 hours before serving) and we won’t talk about having my Uncle Ed and cousin Chrissy help finish setting up for the party since we were running late.

Before you ask, the party was a success.  It was such a success that we shocked my dad into silence.  Anyone who knows my dad, knows that is a huge feat.

Now on to the Five on Friday.

1. Raspberry Beer Cocktail

We’ll start with the first item every party needs (unless it’s a baby shower) which is a cocktail.  The raspberry beer cocktail looks like a refreshing drink which most people will enjoy.  If you want to spice it up, add a bit of pureed watermelon and serve it out of a hollowed watermelon.  It’s always a hit.

2. Giant Jenga

Don’t you love how they refer to it as a “giant wooden block stacking game tower”?  Like we all don’t know it’s supposed to be Jenga.  The first time I played the giant version was on a half marathon course and it proved to be a fun way to break up the monotony of the course (and the monotony of my Spice Girls/Backstreet Boys/Other Random Pop Stars mix).  This is one game we want to build for a summer BBQ because it will get people involved. Heck, maybe we will write on a block every time we have a party and play it.

3. Backyard Twister

Here’s a game where they didn’t even try to change the name.  Twister is always a fun choice for a party with anyone over the age of 3 or whatever the recommended age is.  The spray paint version allows you not have to worry about the wind blowing the tarp up mid play.  How many of you remember putting shoes on the corner of the game to keep the tarp down?

4. Washers

Not only a fun party game but a great tailgating game (the same can be said about our final five on friday).  This game require more skill than cornhole but is even more fun.  If you are planning to play this game in the grass, please spray paint your washers.  If you want to be adventurous, paint everything in glow in the dark paint and have a midnight tournament!

5. Cornhole

Another fun BBQ/tailgating game.  We first played this at our friend, Jacquie’s BBQ, and ended up playing with a few of the younger children who live near her townhouse.  I found a version at Walmart clearanced and want to paint the Villanova logo on one and the Saint Joseph’s University logo on the other.  They look pretty easy to make and are easy to store.  The best part will be customizing them.
Happy Friday!


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