Five on Friday: Birthday Edition

Happy Five on Friday everyone!  Tomorrow is Greg’s birthday so I thought a birthday themed Five on Friday seemed like a great idea.  Of course, I got him involved last night to help pick out a few of them.

Yes, I do have a great birthday celebration planned for him– we’re going to Medieval Times for his birthday dinner.  He gets to sit front and center for the festivities and even get his own banner to wave during the entertainment.


Now on to Five on Friday!


1. Birthday in a Box

What a fun way to surprise the birthday person!  Who wouldn’t love something like this.  Back in college, we filled a friends room with balloons for their birthday and it was so much fun.  Last year I filled the bedroom with 30 inflated balloons to surprise Greg for when he came out of the shower.  This kit provides you with everything you need to surprise the birthday person.

2. Birthday Cocktail

Every birthday should involve some sort of cocktail (unless you are pregnant and then you should have a mocktail) because you need to celebrate or weep because you are another year older.  This cocktail is a white chocolate martini but it’s the glass decoration which makes it truly a birthday cocktail.

3. Birthday Poofs

Super easy to make (made them as part of Greg’s birthday surprise last year) and very festive.  Plus they are multipurposed (event-wise), we had them hanging around at my roommate’s bridal shower.  They look great hanging in a bunch from a light fixture or a doorway.  Just go to the dollar store and buy the big pack of tissue paper and you are set.

4. Birthday Puppy Cake

You can’t forget about the puppy during all these birthday celebrations.  Yes, we are planning Hazel’s first birthday party.  This site has several birthday cake recipes for your favorite pooch.

5. Basketball Birthday Cake

It’s a birthday cake made to look like a basketball and it’s awesome.  I made this today for the birthday boy (post to come later) and it was very easy to do.  You can use different colored candies to make different balls– tennis balls, baseballs, soccer balls . . . you name it, and it can be done.

Be sure to wish Greg a very happy 31st birthday!


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