DRDO: Just Call Me Michelangelo

Greg and I became master painters before we thought we would.  You see we had this schedule of events planned out for the dining room and after we applied the primer, we found out we could start painting a few (two) hours later.

Yes, we ran to the Prius and drove to Home Depot as soon as the brushes/rollers/trays were washed off.

Our grand plan went something along the lines of this with the actual in red:

  • Sunday- prime (prime/apply two coats of top color to walls)
  • Tuesday night- paint one color (paint bottom color)
  • Wednesday (July 4)- paint second color, paint ceiling (stencil)
  • Thursday- stencil (stencil/ install new kitchen light/ paint ceiling)
  • Friday- install chair rail
  • Saturday- paint trim, install ceiling medallion (caulk chair rail/paint trim)
  • Sunday- random (attempted to install medallion/remove stump/clean-up)

As you can see this is not happen except for one day.  At points we were ahead and then behind.  Like really behind– three am trying to install a light switch and figure out why it won’t work.

Ok, that was Greg.  I gave up and went to sleep on the couch for moral support.  You know, good wife type stuff.

I’m getting ahead of myself.  We’re talking painting.

The painting portion will capture two events done on different days/stages– painting the walls and the ceiling.  We taped up the room for the primer and decided to just use that tape instead of taping/pulling down/taping again.  It would have been like shampoo directions– lather, rinse, repeat.

Tape, remove, repeat. Tape remove, repeat.

A great way to spend a vacation, huh?

Since the room color had been picked out for months, we ran to pick up our gallon of Behr paint.  We love Behr paint (they aren’t paying me to say this but if they want to throw a few free gallons for my living room, I wouldn’t be opposed).  We used Valspar on the ceiling which was watery, Glidden in other rooms and doesn’t spread as nicely.  There is a reason Consumer Reports Behr as best and that’s the reason we use it.  Two coats cover the room and transforms it.  The paint spreads nicely and cleans easily.  My only complaint is that I still have flecks in my hair weeks later.  True staying power, I guess.

Enough about my love for Behr paint.

For the stencil effect I wanted to do, we had to apply a flat coat to the walls. Our plan was to have color above the chair rail and white below the chair rail and to accomplish this, I needed to mark the wall for the Great Divide.

Great divide?  The line of blue tape marking the 36″ point from the baseboard.

This is when we learned the baseboard isn’t level.  After trying to draw level lines and seeing the height difference, I said screw it (with Greg’s approval) before just moving my yard stick along the wall and marking 36″that way.

Why did we do this?  Weren’t we worried about it looking not level when we installed the chair rail?  At first we were but then we realized the tape is one inch thick and the chair rail will be at least two inches (if not three).  So we were covered . . . literally.

Greg and I had a method for painting– he rolls, I cut and we start on opposite sides of the room.  Typically by the time I’m finished cutting one side, he has finished rolling the other, and we swap.  This method has served us well for the past few rooms and we continue to perfect it.

Like this time, we got me a cutting cup with a spot to hold my paint brush.  Typically I use a solo cup (I know waste of a solo cup) to pour paint into.

Repeat this method four times.

Twice for the top color.

Twice for the bottom color, Snow Fall.  Did you know how many shades of white there are?  We ended up picking a white which looked less warm and fell in the blue/green category of white.

What a transformation the paint caused!

A few days later we played Michelangelo when we painted the ceiling.  We had a can of Valspar ceiling paint and decided to use it.  Ceiling paint is not fun to apply because you can barely see where it’s gone.  We made fun of the pink ceiling paint which turns white but once we started the ceiling, we realized it’s brilliance.  In the end, I just stood on the ground pointing out the spots Greg needed to go back over.

It’s amazing how much a room can be transformed by a few coats of paints.  You can’t see the ceiling shots because it’s going to give away the stenciling but just wait until you see how the stencil morphed the room.

But you’ll have to wait until my next post for that one!

PS- Like the new layout?  I decided it was time for a change– leave a message and tell me what you think.


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