Five on Friday: Olympics


Have any of you caught Olympic fever?  We have (minus Hazel, she really doesn’t care).  Since we are up with the sun due to Miss Hazel, we’ve been able to catch many of the sports live on the 352466 channels NBC airs the events on.  Has anyone noticed that Bob Costas hair has not changed during the past few Olympics?  It looks perfect every night which means one thing– toupee.

What? Don’t lie, you thought it at least once when watching him.

Besides thinking about his never changing hair, I’ve been thinking about all things British from Wiggin’s sideburns to tea to replacing Hazel with one of the Queen’s corgis; thus, today’s five on friday is Olympic themed!


1. Teapot

Can it get anymore British than a teapot?  We we were in London two years ago I picked up one from Whittard and use it multiple times a week in the winter.  Never before did I use a teapot and now I love making tea in it.  This teapot is not only a teapot but a teapot AND cup.  The bone china tea set features the queen and her corgi.

2. DIY Union Jack Pillow

For number two on this list I was torn– a pillow or a Union Jack dress (especially after reading the Spice Girls might be performing at closing ceremonies) but went with the pillow since this blog is about home stuff and not my love of 90’s pop bands.  An easy pattern to follow to be still the heart of an Anglophile

3. Velodrome Cake

This has to be the most awesome cake I’ve seen related to the Olympics and I cannot wait until Greg’s next birthday to make it either with bikers or runners.  Heck, I’ve already added savarin tin to my registry and I don’t even know what one is!  You could probably make it with and angel food cake pan and still have it turn out as awesome.  Just think of how more awesome the cake would be with birthday sparklers along the rim.

4. Olympic Ring Toss

If you have any little ones, this game might be a fun DIY to get them into the Olympic mood. Work with the kids to build it and then play in the backyard.

5. Olympic Prints (Right/Left)

I couldn’t decided on a print but how gorgeous would these look on your walls.  The print on the left has a vintage feel to it while the print on the right has a great graphic element to it.  Greg loved the right one because it features a runner (shocker) while I was drawn to the classic looks of the left one.

You can find this week’s Five on Friday on my Pinterest board here but I am going to start a new board with former Five on Friday’s for you to peruse. Have a great weekend!


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