Say Cheese!

A few weeks ago I posted a Five on Friday based on us having our engagement pictures taken at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Well, we got them back and they are awesome.

Ok, I might be biased.

Our photographer April ( was amazing to work with.  Greg and I spent hours searching for a photographer who meshed with our style and our budget.  What we should have done was survey my sister’s coworkers because she shot one of their weddings which she sent to me (because it was a Villanova Wedding) when I asked to over analyze images from a wedding.

Yes, I am crazy but these pictures will last forever.

Greg and I decided to have our session at the Art Museum because it’s the site of many run we do.  Fine, it was really because of Greg’s love for Rocky.  We brought our Hazel Handlers– both of the moms– and a bajillion treats for the Nutter Butter.  Over the course of two hours we were put in awkward positions that seemed odd to us but looked great when we saw the images.

You can see for yourself.  I had to cut down the number of pictures to post but still (somehow) ended up with ten pictures to show you.


Side note: Two aspects from our photo shoot were Pinterest inspired: 1. the heart bubbles picture; and 2. my dress (  Both worked out wonderfully.


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