Caps Off to You

While strolling down the aisles at Target yesterday, I realized that the summer is almost over since parents were gleefully picking up school supplies for glum looking children. The only set of teens who seemed happy to be there were the college bound ones.

Which reminded me I never posted my graduation dessert!

Yes, I am a bad blogger but I made these for a party and then we started the dining room do over. So they kind of fell to the wayside. (I added a pin link to this in case you wanted to save it to your boards for the future.)

Back to the dessert at hand.

Greg’s cousin Grace graduated high school this past June and her parents threw her a party. When invited to a party, I have an overwhelming need to bring a food item for which I blame my mother. Greg loves it because it means he gets to taste test or put in a request. Greg’s mom now prompts with, “You do not have to bring anything but I know you are. You can bring an appetizer.”

Side note: Appetizers are a safe bet in the Hicks’ household since my desserts are usually avoided or questioned after I brought a few black bean brownies for them to try.

In the end, I decided to make graduation caps for Grace.

Graduation caps?

Yes, a delicious dessert designed to look like a graduation cap requiring zero cooking.

What you will need

  • A tube of colored icing
  • Chocolate covered graham crackers (found in the cookie aisle of your grocery store)
  • Reese’s peanut butter cups

Step One

Unwrap 15 peanut butter cups (or however many graham crackers are in your package) and place in a bowl.

Step Two

Unwrap a few more because someone ate a few while your back was turned.

Step Three

Place the wide end of the peanut butter cup down and add a big dot of icing to the up end.

Step Four

Place a graham cracker on top.

Step Five

Add an icing tassel.

Step Six

Give dog and fiancée a treat for not eating all the peanut butter cups while you worked.

Step Seven

Wow everyone with their cuteness.

It’s a great dessert (especially at a party with little kids) and is a nice way to pull the graduation theme into a dessert.  Did I mention super easy to make?  Anything that is this easy and this much of a crowd favorite should be used at all graduation parties.



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