Five on Friday: Glitter

Do any of you watch Craft Wars on TLC?  It’s a show about craft challenges and hiding Tori Spelling’s unexpected fourth pregnancy.  All of the crafters love their glitter and who could really blame them?  Glitter makes everything better.   Heck, I even glitter things when having a bad week.

Glitter might be the herpes of the craft world. . . but is it something you really want to cure?

Glitter can turn ordinary into extraordinary!

Glitter can save the world!

Glitter will be your Five on Friday!

1. Glitter Floors

Glitter floors? They are better than Dorothy’s red slippers.  Seriously, it would be like walking on fun.  I’ve already started working on convincing Greg we should do this to the garage.  Diary of a Crafty Chica makes it looks so simple.  She’s great because not only go you get written instructions, she has a video on how to do it.

2. Glitter iPhone Case

Such an easy method to make a sparkly iPhone case.  I did this to the sole of a pair of shoes and it is so easy and simple.  My advice is to do it over a piece of newspaper so you can just gather it all up and throw it out.  Maybe you can even add your monogram over the glitter.  Oh the possibilities!

3. Glitter Tape

I love wrapping presents to the point that it’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  You should see how elaborate the bows are on my bridal shower gifts because I want the bride to have an awesome ribbon bouquet/hat.  This technical allows you to glitterize tape for presents or cards.  A few minutes and you will have a colorful, eye-catching gift ready for the giving.

4. Glitter Clean up

I love using glitter.  I hate cleaning up glitter.  When we hosted my roommate bridal shower, I lined all the envelopes in glitter wrapping paper which I cut in the Man Cave.  The room still has glitter left from it.  At this point, it’s probably grounded into my craft table.  This tip is so easy and simple.  When I cut the wedding invitations liners (glitter paper again), I plan on cleaning up each day using this method.

5. Glitter Bike Helmet

Can you imagine how sparkly you would look in a road race wearing this helmet?  Greg and I usually do the Steelman Triathlon this weekend but due to the open cuts from his poison ivy adventures, we nixed it.  He does the swimming/running portion and we worried about him catching a flesh eating bacteria in the lake, so we decided to defer until next year.  365 days should be enough time for me to glitter up my bike helmet.  If I thought the Victory Golden Monkey jersey garnered attention, just wait until I am wearing it with a gold glitter helmet!

Have a great and sparkly weekend everyone!  We’ll be busy projecting and sharing the results.

This weeks Five on Friday can be found here.


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