A New Addition!

On Friday, Greg and I made a life changing decision to expand our family . . . by buying a nail gun.  Mr. Level is now a big brother to Günnar Porter Hicks.

Günnar comes in close to around 40 pounds and has three different hands.  We are so in love with Günnar and only wish we had expanded our family earlier– like when we installed chair rail in the dining room.

We brought him home on Friday and put him to work shortly after.  We finally finished the last two percent in the pantry by installing the quarter round.  During the week we had painted it to match the trim and Greg planned on hammer/nailing it to the wall on Friday which is when we decided to expand the family.  Much thanks goes to Tommy who gave us a brand to focus on and then who gave Greg many tips on how to use his new baby.

Günnar is an fast and efficient machine– in the time it took me to walk Hazel around the block (1/2 mile), Greg had all of the quarter round installed in a 10’x3′ room which allowed us to check a project off our two percent list!

Best $259 we spent.


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