DRDO: It’s the Little Things

Can you believe it, we’re almost at the end of the dining room do over saga. We have two items left before THE BIG REVEAL– painting the trim and installing the ceiling medallion, both of which will be covered today.  (Sorry no Five on Friday today.  I spent last night sewing up a storm on a bunch of different projects)

Let’s get started.

Project 1- Trim

Once we installed all that chair rail and caulked, we had to paint it. When it comes to painting, Greg and I like to split the jobs– he rolls, I cut.  With painting trim, we really didn’t have that option, so we decided one will take the chair rail and the other will handle the door trim/baseboard trim.

Big mistake.

Do you know how slow/anal Greg is about painting trim?  I had my two coats done before he even finished his first and that’s with me helping him on part of his.  If you looked at the painters tape around our respective regions, mine was covered and his had minimal paint.  As you can tell, have two very different techniques.

If we were artists, I’d be a Pollack and he’s be a Rembrandt.

After about two hours Greg finished painting his trim.  To this day, he still doesn’t know why it took him so long.  The fresh coat of paint really made the grungy trim pop out along the walls.  We had be using the can of trim paint from 1989 in other rooms but decided to splurge and get a new can for this room.

Ok, we got it because we have to paint a bajillion doors still and needed the paint for that.  If we didn’t have those doors, we’d still be using the can from 1989.

Project 2- Medallion

To begin, you have to find an unbroken one at Lowe’s.  I wish I was kidding with that sentence but it’s true.  About half of them were open and/or broken in places.  If you don’t know what a ceiling medallion it, it’s this fancy piece of plastic that goes around the light fixture at the ceiling.  We chose a very ornate one because I like going over the top.

Before installing it, you need to paint it the color of your ceiling or some other color that you choose.  If you don’t, it’s going to look like you glued a piece of plastic to your ceiling.  I did this one afternoon while Greg was doing all the hard work in the dining room.

I’m not going to lie– we thought this was going to be an easy task but it turned into a two day project.   Before you start, take a picture of how all the crystals are hanging on your chandelier, you will thank yourself later when 80 percent of them land on the floor.  I wish I was smart and did that.  you need to read/study the directions for about 20 minutes.

We took the light fixture down and marked the wires to note which one attached to each other since they were the same color.  Removed all the hardware from inside the electrical ceiling box.  We also did a happy dance because there was a box in the ceiling for this light fixture.

Then Greg marked where he needed to drill holes in the medallion based upon the light crossbar and box.  We busted out the liquid nails and squirted parts of the medallion and suck it on the ceiling.

And noticed our ceiling wasn’t flush to it.


Double argh.

We hate the builders of this house.

Greg screwed (hehehe screwed) the hardware and medallion into the box to hold it in place while the liquid nails dried.  While he was doing this I ran to the garage for the caulk.  We caulked the edge of the medallion to make it appear flush.

Caulk is seriously a magical tool.

Then Greg screwed the nipple tube part which the wires go through into the crossbar and realized it wasn’t long enough for the medallion.

Since it was Sunday and Denny Electric wasn’t open, our project had to wait.  We brought it back down, picked up all the crystal that fell while removing it from the ceiling the first time and called it a day.

The next day I ran over to Denny Electric and for 96 cents they provided me an extender piece to attach to the nipple.

If only all home repair fixes cost us 96 cents.

Greg came home and we started again.

The new piece worked but we had a difficult time sending the wires through the nipple.

Stop giggling.

I mean it.

Fine, you can giggle a little.

This took a bit of time because they didn’t want to go through it.  I should add you are trying to wire this while the nipple is screwed into the crossbar in the ceiling.  After much back and forth, we unscrewed the nipple, sent the wires through and then screwed it into the crossbar.

Side note: LED headlamps are great for this type of project.  Instead of me holding a flashlight which was kind of impossible since I was holding the light, Greg used the headlamp we use for walking Hazel in the dark.  The light is directed exactly where he needed to look.  Sure, you might look like a miner but it works.

Screwing it into the crossbar was not fun but for anyone looking into our window, it must have been humorous.  Greg’s holding it to the ceiling and I am under it spinning in a circle with crystals flying everywhere.

It pretty much looks like this (squawking included) except I had on oven mitts because the crystal hooks on the chandelier arms were cutting into my hands.  Oh and crystals were flying everywhere.

Once we got it all screwed in, we were good to go.

Ok, once I put all of the crystals back on, we were good to go.

Up next– the big reveal!


4 thoughts on “DRDO: It’s the Little Things

  1. I thought they were stenciled, but then I didn’t see where you had posted about them so I just assumed they were paper (because if my stencils looked THAT good, I’d be yelling it from the rooftops.)

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