DRDO: The Big Reveal!

Are you ready for it? It’s the big reveal day! I think it took me longer to write about it than it did for us to complete the project!

Back in June, we started with a room that looked like this.

Very dated and not our style. Greg and I came up with a design we like for the room, researched what we needed, and devised a game plan. Over the course of about 5 weeks (with the bulk being done over a five day period), Greg and I broke the project into six stages:

  1. Remove wallpaper
  2. Prep the walls
  3. Paint the walls
  4. Stencil
  5. Add chair rail
  6. Make a few finishing touches

All of the work paid off when we ended up with a room that looks like this.

Quite a transformation? Greg pointed out because our dining room looks amazing the living room looks awful. Needless to say, we’ve planned out a design for that room and booked another long weekend to complete the living room do over.

The wallpaper alone scream late 1980s. But I’m getting ahead of myself. You want to know more about this room. Let’s get to the nickels and dimes part– how much did this cost and what did we need?

  • Paint (one gallon flat or the top part of the wall, one gallon for the bottom, and one quart high gloss for the stencil)- $76 (we already had ceiling and trim but if you needed them add about another $50)
  • Painter’s tape (3 rolls)/frog tape (one roll)- Free, we already had.
  • Brushes- Free
  • Tray liners- $6
  • Edger- $8
  • Medallion- $50
  • Chair rail- $95
  • Drop cloths- $12
  • Spackle- $6
  • Rollers- $6
  • Sanding blocks- $12
  • Liquid nails- $4
  • Stencil roller kit- $6
  • Nails- $10
  • Caulk- Free
  • Wood filler- Free
  • Outlets- $30
  • Face plates- $15
  • Stencil adhesive- $3
  • Stencil- $50
  • Steamer- Free
  • Two vents- $20
  • Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for Greg- $12
  • Random things I probably forgot about- $35

Grand total: $456.00

Now on to the lessons learned:

  • No matter how much planning we do, a daily trip to Lowe’s will happen.
  • A Boston vacation would have been more fun than a staycation.
  • Plan out a schedule and go with the flow if it needs to change.
  • Realize that it’s going to take longer than you expect.
  • Take advantage of having a kegerator in the room (we did not).
  • Install the chair rail and then paint the room.
  • Do not plan to have a part the weekend after the project because you won’t be ready.

Like most of our projects, there is still the final two percent to finish in this room. Unlike other projects, we have been tackling them over the past few weeks. I’ve already touched up the messed up stencil parts and we started on the curtains. Hopefully we can post about them next week. Last summer, Greg’s parent bought us a gorgeous watercolor print of Boathouse Row and we decided to decorate the room in Philadelphia themed art work or art done by a Philadelphia artist. We’ve got a few oil paints and a Rocky statues needlepoint to hang in the room too. Now we just have to get a few of them framed.

Here is my favorite shot of the dining room, the official before/after image.

Yeah, we’re in love. I love walking to the room and watching the stencil disappear as I get closer. I’m not going to lie, we were shocked the room turned out so well. Heck, I think our parents were quite surprised at what we could do. I cannot describe how proud we feel when walking into the room. It shows how much better we are becoming with the home repair projects.

Please ignore the mismatched furniture. One day we will buy new dining room furniture but that’s not in the financial cards right now. Although it still doesn’t stop me from window shopping and determining which set would look great in the room.

My favorite view of the room is when we are coming down the stairs. It just captures the stenciling technique so well.

For those of you wondering, we’re not doing any home repair this holiday weekend. We’ve decided to do another color run and host the Phillies Challenge (one beer/one hot dog per inning).


8 thoughts on “DRDO: The Big Reveal!

  1. Looks amazing!!!! Have to say you did make one mistake. You should have taken advantage of the kegerator 😉

    Have fun this weekend!!!!

  2. Your dining room looks fabulous!! I actually can’t even tell that your furniture is “mismatched” from the photos. I actually think your table and chairs are quite lovely, though I do have a soft spot for dark-stained wood furniture.

    • We love the table but one day I want a real buffet for the room and not my mom’s old dresser from her single days. Although the dresser has been a great piece, we used to use it as our tv center.

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