Happy Birthday Hazel!

A big event happened this week, our puppy/baby turned one!  Remember how small she was when we brought her home.

Now look at her.

We’ve spent a lot of time training her to (mostly) behave and it helps that she’s a smartie (she gets that from me).  I know, just like a parent from my generation to brag about their child’s brilliance.  Look at how smart she is, she’ll bark at the tv because she wants it on.


She did this for my mom when they were spending the day together. Hazel got up went to the television and barked at it.  My mom turned it on just to see what would happen and Hazel laid back down to watch it.

Guess you can tell the television is on quite a bit on our house.

Ok, back to our baby’s first birthday.  We threw a small Tangled themed party for her (just grandparents and my sister) and made her a special bandana.

Tangled themed?  Again Hazel likes to watch television and this movie really keeps her attention.

And recovered her pillow for the season.  We did not recover it just because it’s Eagles season, we recovered it because our dog is a chewaholic who destroyed the cover that was supposedly an indestructible cover.

Since I had my sewing machine out for a few projects, I decided to dress Hazel for the upcoming seasons with a few bandanas . . . . and then I made them for a few other dogs I knew.   In honor of Hazel’s first birthday, I’m going to show you how to make your very own slip over the collar bandana.  You can download the bandanas template here.  There are two– one for medium sized dogs, one for large sized dogs (I don’t have any small dogs to measure for a small pattern.)

Now what you will need:

  • 15″of fabric ( you can use one or two types depending on what you prefer for the underside)
  • Thread
  • Pattern
  • Scisnsors
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Puppy

1. Print out pattern and cut it.

2. Wash/dry your fabric to preshrink it.

3. Pet your puppy.

4. Lay fabric out and place pattern on the fold.  You shouldn’t be like me and not pin it down.  My mom is probably reading this and shaking her head because she taught me better.

Sorry for the crappy picture

5. Cut it again.

6. Place fabrics together with their wrong side out.

7. Pin together . . . which I did not do.  Again, my mom is probably shaking her head.

7. Sew together leaving three inches on the top unsewn.

8. Trim corners (this helps make the corner points sharper.)

9. Turn it right side out and push out the corners.

10. Iron it flat.

11.  Turn the open edge in and iron it down.

12. Sew it closed.

13. Fold the top down (matching the star corners from the pattern) and iron.

14. Sew it closed and be sure to backtrack your stitching at the ends to help with durability.

15. Put on dog and them make more because she looks so cute.

Happy birthday Hazel!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hazel!

  1. Ok, your dog bandana template is my FAVORITE. I have made a ton for my big dog. I have a rat terrier though and I cannot figure out how to downsize the pattern. I read that you didn’t have a small dog to measure but could you give me some tips to make a template using my dog’s measurements?

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