Decking Out

Over the summer we spent a great deal of time making over our backyard because rocks aren’t our idea of backyard decor.  We’re more grass people.  So over the next week or two, I’m going to detail some of the transformations but first I’m going to start with our deck.  Last summer we stained the deck during a very, very hot heat wave because we were stupid.

Fortunately we weren’t as stupid this summer with our backyard improvements.  Today’s project was completed early one morning when Hazel had me up at 5am.  Since Greg needed to sleep (he lets me sleep in most day because he’s the best), I rolled out of bed to handle the puppy.  About two hours after being up, I was itching to do something.


Then I saw my bottle of gold spray paint and had an epiphany.

Yes, an epiphany which said, “SPRAY PAINT THE PERGOLA!”

Our pergola has very lovely iron detail which at one point was green but over the years, it turned to rust with a bit of green.  Overall it was not pleasant to look at.  A transformation was needed and I was the girl to do it.

I headed out side with my trust hard bristle brush, newspapers, painter tape, and the epiphany inspiring spray paint.

First I brushed all the metal with the brush to remove any loose bits.

Then I taped up the wood around the metal detailing.  This step took most of the time, second only to the spray paint drying.

Finally, I busted out my spray paint from my Princess Leia costume and applied a nice light coat.

About five minutes later, I impatiently applied a thicker second coat.  At this point in our blogger/reader relationship, I should share my secret shame– I am the worst spray painter because I just done one heavy coat.  I’ve been working on this problem but fail.  I try but get impatient and go heavy.

At this point Hazel decided to bark because she wanted attention and I needed to put the spray paint down.  About 30 minutes later, I checked on it was and was beyond thrilled with the transformation.

It was time to wake Greg up to show him my good work.

Doesn’t it look great?


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