Five on Friday: Crockpotting!

I love my crockpot (or slow cooker depending on where you are from). It’s the greatest invention for a lazy cooker like myself– cut a few things, open a few things, throw them in the crockpot and walk away much like Kelly Clarkson.

In fact, I think today we need a theme song, so here is Kelly Clarkson’s Walk away which is the perfect theme for crockpot cooking.

I don’t do much crockpot cooking in the summer just because it’s so darn hot. But once the temperature stops reaching 72 degrees (the point at which I typically need to wear a sweatshirt or coat), the crockpot starts making it’s weekly appearance.

Plus, I’m lazy.

Crockpotting is easy and only takes a few minutes of prep. So this week’s Five on Friday is dedicated to the crockpot.

Yes, Julia Child is probably hanging her head in shame at my use of the crockpot but oh well. Now on to the five.

Bon Appetit!

1. French Onion Soup

Nothing is better on a chilly day than a cup of soup. Adding cheese to it makes it even more delicious!

2. Coca-Cola BBQ Chicken

The best example of cup, dump, and walk away. A few hours later, you will have a delicious dinner.

3. Chocolate Cake

In this house, we are big on dessert (which will be coming to a halt for me starting after Thanksgiving). What’s better than smelling your dessert cook all day. Here is a simple and easy recipe for chocolate cake.

4. Stuffed Apples

Nothing screams fall more than apples and pumpkins. This recipe is for stuff apples done in the crockpot in about 4 hours. You can practically taste the fall with these treats.

5. Salsa Chicken

Again, another delicious open a can, pour it in, and walk away recipe to enjoy for dinner. Turn it into burritos or serve over rice. No matter what, it will be yummy.

Happy Friday!



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