We’re Stumped!

Before I can talk about the big backyard reveal, I need to talk about the stump.  Remember how I played lumberjack and cut it somewhat down?

Well, we needed to remove it to make our grand backyard plans a reality.  Being novice homeowners, we thought it was something we could handle on our own.

Stupid move on our part.

We did handle it on our own but it took three weekends, two hatches, two shovels, two pairs of gloves, bloody hands, and one very inappropriate video to accomplish it.  Starting off, the stump looked small and Greg figured he could easily get it out.


And for everyone who is mentally saying, “Why didn’t they use a chain saw?” the ground was full of stones and we wanted it out.  The previous owners cut it down and it still grew.  We didn’t want to be dealing with this tree for years, we wanted it out.

Out it came after many hours.  Even the landscaper was impressed that we removed it ourselves.  Look at how huge it was.

Greg had a method for removing it (besides breaking tools), dig a bit, hatched a bit, wiggle a bit.


Honestly, we should have just covered the whole thing in peanut butter and let the dog chew it out.

The final day when it had to come out (landscapers coming the next day to work and remove yard waste), Greg broke the shovel and our neighbors took pity on us and lent us this very large steel pole to help wiggle the stump out.

I think they lent it to us so they didn’t have to watch this view.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, it does look like he’s humping a stump.

Yes, ladies he is all mine.

No, he did not buy the stump dinner first.

Next time, we’re paying someone to remove the stump for us.


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