Five on Friday: Decorate Your Door

Has this week seemed unending to anyone else? In the Hicksavento household it definitely felt that way. Maybe today’s Five on Friday will help make the weekend seem a whole lot closer or at least make your work hours go by a bit faster.

Today’s Five on Friday is all about decorating your front door. When I lived in the apartment, every season/holiday had its own door hanger– be it a wreath, sign, or colorful hanging gecko. On average, it would take my roommate between one and three days to notice the change (whereas Greg noticed it immediately) but she would always comment about how nice it looked.

Ok, she would start the comment off with, “Wait, did you do this today or three days ago?”

Fast-forward to yesterday when I was racking my brain for a theme. Then I remembered that every time I click on the DIY board of Pinterest, I see some interesting or fun door hangers. With the holiday triumvirate rapidly approaching, I thought it was time to dedicate some internet space to our front door.

Now go and make a great first impression on someone with your door hanging for the Five on Friday inspiration.

1. Bejeweled Wreath

How amazing is this wreath? It’s got all the sparklies and goodness. Greg would say it screams “Diane” and he is very much correct. This one would take a it of work to accomplish because not everything can be bought at Michael’s or your local craft store. You would have to resort to eBay or thrift stores for some of the rhinestone pieces. In the end, I think it would be very worth it.

2. Cupcake Wreath

I think the title says it all. Having a holiday party? Make a cupcake wreath to wow your friends and make the party seem festive. You could easily substitute other candies for the jelly beans (M&Ms!)

3. Frame Door Hanger

This door hanger seemed so unique in a sea of round wreaths. I loved the fact it was made on a picture frame using scraps of extra fabric. While I understand people aren’t like me with a drawer of fabric scraps, it’s easy to buy small pieces of fabric at Joann’s or your local fabric store to complete this project. Making each flower will be the most time consuming aspect but it’s something you can do while parked in front of the television while yelling at the judges on Craft Wars.

Side note: Feel better Tori Spelling because I want season two to happen soon!

4. Christmas Balls

Everyone has seen the Christmas ball wreath and there about a million ways to create the look yourself. For me, I went with the easiest way of creating the wreath– using a hanger and some dollar store ornaments. Don’t go to Pottery Barn to buy one, just spend the $12 and hour or two to craft it yourself!

5. Sweet Liberty Wreath

No, this is not a post dedicated to one of the very best How I Met Your Mother episodes but a lovely fruit dish you can wow your friends with at a Fourth of July party. Best of all– it involve no cooking. Win for everyone!

Happy Friday!


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