Housiversary II: Q&A


It’s that time of year– housiversary!  Yesterday marked two years since Greg bought the house and started renovating it.  To kick off this year’s housiversary week, here is a fun Q&A.  For all our new readers, Housiversary give me a chance to review everything we did over the year (and not just house related projects).  Tune in all week for more posts looking back at what we accomplished and what we hope to accomplish next year.  If you want to read about last year’s houseiversary, here you go.

What was your favorite project this year?

Diane: For me, it has to be the ceiling fans.  As pretty as the dining room looks, the ceiling fans are amazing.

Greg: The dining room because it was a big renovation and a room we completely transformed from top to bottom.

How has having Hazel affected your projecting?

We love our Hazelnut but she definitely hampered our projecting earlier this year.  A puppy requires constant attention or they can get into trouble.  Right now, Hazel only has access three rooms of the house- family room, kitchen, and florida room.  One day, she will have access to the entire first floor (not the second) but it limited how much we can focus on upstairs projects because we didn’t want to leave her alone too long and find something we like shredded.

Over the summer, she could entertain herself for longer periods of time which was a great help with the Dining Room Do Over.  Also, we found these amazing things called Bully Sticks (bull pizzle) which keep her entertained.  We try to take for a tiring walk before starting and if she starts wanting attention, one of us will focus on her.

Hazel isn’t the only one affecting our projecting.  Greg is working on his masters which takes a great deal of time.  Last semester it seemed to take all his waking non-work hours which is why there seemed to be no posts.  A puppy + a fiancée in school= no blogging time.

Would you redo anything you did last year?

After we finished the dining room and then touching up the kitchen ceiling after installing the new light, Greg started looking for faults with the spackling job from the powder room and pantry.

I don’t recommend this.

No, we are not redoing them because they look fine (at least to me) but as you gain more experience, projects start looking better.

I would not have pulled down the wallpaper in the master bathroom.  We thought it was going to be done early on but then realized it needed more than we could tackle ourselves.

No, we are not going to tackle that room ourselves.  We are not confident in our tiling skills nor do we want to mess with plumbing.

You talk about Young House Love a lot, do you want to be famous bloggers like them?

No, as much as we joke about this taking off we know it’s a labor of love.  The blog got started because emailing the same story to a bunch of different people became tedious.  I was about to start on a big project I knew my Villanova friends would love and wanted to share it step by step with them.  After friends began getting homes, they started using the blog as a starting point.  Slowly others started reading and I like writing for an unknown audience when I have the time.  If I had to blog for a living, I would be come very bored with it or frustrated with coming up with regular content.

How long does a post typically take?

It’s all based on Diane’s Three Ts of Writing:  Tiredness, Type, and Topic.


So many things influence this one:

  • Has it been a crazy profession work week?
  • Has it been a crazy personal work week?
  • Do I just feel like reading the new Jen Lancaster and ignoring the blog for a night?

I love you all but sometimes I need a week where I can write a Five on Friday and post a small Instagram image with a brief story like this one.


A Five on Friday post take a little over an hour to write/find links/edit images and, are surprisingly, the ones people look forward to.  I like them because it allows me to feed my Pinterest addiction and share it with the world or at least the 27 people who (on average) read my blog per day.

A regular post takes two to three hours to write and edit the images.  I know they are full of typos (as my dad likes to email me with) but I spend my day editing and writing.  Sometimes I slack off when it comes to the blog but I do try to go back later with a fresher set of eyes to look it over.   Some days I can sit on the couch all afternoon and write several posts to stockpile for weeks when it’s crazy or we are busy on a project.

Which leads me on to the next T . . .


After blogging about Project Pantry last year, I realized it’s not good to blog while projecting a big project especially when we are doing it in five days.  During the Dining Room Do Over, I posted a few snippets that I wrote in a few minutes but afterward, I wrote out the  post topics.  By planning ahead, it made writing each post easy and I had a weekly serial going on with it.

For smaller projects, I can write about them a day or two after  and don’t take nearly as long as something like Project Pantry.

So this is a long winded way of saying, they take me several hours to write.  I just hope you enjoy them.

If you have any questions you want answered, just send them on over.


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