Housiversary II: The Year That Will Be

Yesterday I talked about the past year of home happenings and we’ve had some impressive ones.

Ok, one really impressive one that I tend to show everyone.

Today I get to focus on the year upcoming. We already know the list will be smaller because we’ve got a big event happening in the spring. Plus, we’re running out of rooms and we’re not about to start redoing rooms we did last year.


We slowly have been getting better with our two percent problem. This year, we’ve tried very hard to get the last two percent down a few weeks after a large project push and have been mostly successful. Sadly, we are still working on last year’s two percent.  It’s hard because life gets in the way and we push these projects off more.  For instance, we’re still waiting to hang everything in the upstairs man cave and do the second coat of paint on the doors in the basement.

It’s our secret shame much like my secret love of Taylor Swift’s We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together.

I know you are all singing it– it’s the fall’s Call Me, Maybe and it’s awesome.

Wet Bar

You originally met the wet bar when we changed the knobs by way of something that looked like it was out of Ghostbusters.  We kind of just shove our games and DVDs in the closet under/on top of the sink.  This originally was on our to do list for the past year but we didn’t realize how insane Greg’s scholastic schedule would be. We are still unsure of his spring semester course but if it’s a light one, we might be tackling this one. We would very much benefit from installing shelving in there and not have to do the “push something back and slam the door shut as fast as possible” way of closing the doors.

Hazel wanted to play scrabble

Master Bathroom

Sometime in 2013, this will be accomplished. Don’t know when but it will. I have my pennies saved up from last year for it.

Living Room

Goodbye ugly dated wallpaper! Hello pretty walls! We’ve booked the time off from work to accomplish this project during our Thanksgiving holiday. We’ve got the nail gun and now I need to find the perfect bribe for convincing Tommy to help with the crown molding. Our budget has been set and saved for!

Hopefully it will be a very merry Christmas in a newly decorated room!


Not my dress but the one I thought I wanted before shopping.

Yep, Greg decided it was time to make an honest woman out of me. So one day in the spring I get to play dress up in something like this. We’ve limited our projecting this year because Greg doesn’t want me completely stressing and turning into a Bridezilla and a Housezilla.  Although I can’t wait to use my heat gun on our wedding programs.

Of course, we will find other things to work on during the year– backyard, front yard, basement and we’ll be sure to keep updating as we go along.


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