Setting the Stage

I want to apologize for the lack of postings last week—I got utterly slammed at work and by the time I stopped working writing something did not even sound appealing (I write for my job and yes, Michelle I still want to keep working for you).  But with stressing over the completeness of my projects, my brain wouldn’t shut off.

Seriously, it was practically humming while we sat on the couch.

Since I refused to go upstairs to work longer, I poured my energy into making a pretty picture.

A pretty picture?

Yes, you all know we love our sketches for projects and it helps us plan for the room.  With our Thanksgiving Living Room Staycation rapidly approaching, I wanted to plan the room.

It’s going to look gorgeous or so I hope.

I started with SketchUp and failed.  For the life of me I do not know how to work the program.  Then I moved on to my old standby—PowerPoint.  I should have used Inkscape but didn’t feel like it because I was lazy.

As everyone knows, the living room has atrocious wallpaper that should be considered a crime against humanity.  It’s even worse than the dining room’s wallpaper if that was possible.

We liked the board and batten look but didn’t want it in its basic form because it has a beach house feeling to it.  So we decided to take it up a notch or two with great wood choices which are not reflected in my sketch because I don’t know how to get that detailed.

We’re going to take two Ikea cabinets and turn them into built-ins to highlight whatever we feel like putting on those shelves.

Now on to the images—

The wall color is the color I believe we are going with.  I picked up two samples and painted the walls today—Academy Gray is still the winner in my book.

Up next—peeling wallpaper.  Anyone want to help?

Side note: For those of you wanting to know about Friday’s sneak peak, I’m just waiting on the jeweler to mail us the pictures from our jewelry making experience.


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