Surviving Sandy

We are now back and fully powered!  Last weekend we took to planning for the storm– we stocked up on tastykakes, water, and batteries.  With having Hazel, we knew we needed a minimum of one gallon of water per day.  We removed many items upstairs from the basement just in case we had flooding (we did not!).

The main task of the weekend was tiring out our puppy– a tired puppy is a well behaved puppy.   We brought her to two Halloween themed 5ks– one benefiting the Flyers Charity and the other just to try and win a Halloween costume contest.  Hazel’s shark-dog costume made her the hit of both runs.

In fact, she made it on the news.

Monday came and Greg ended up staying home with a very tired puppy.  He was a wonderful fiancee and spent the afternoon hanging our curtains in the dining room.

A whole afternoon?  Yes, we had a cornice box to somehow attach to our wall.  More to come on how we built the cornice once I hem the curtains.  At lunch I poached some chicken from the fridge and made a quiche with items which needed to be used if we lost power.

We lost power soon after finishing dinner and busted out Greg’s Craftsman lantern.  This lantern was amazing.  It provided so much light and lasted for a long time on the battery.  It runs on the drill’s batteries so we charged up both of them.

It casts a lovely glow on Hazel too.

Once the storm’s high winds started, we moved into the kitchen due to our couch being in front of a few windows.  I’ve never heard our house creak so much than we did the night of Sandy.  We moved Hazel’s pillow in the kitchen which she promptly moved back into the family.  Then we brought in her eagles pillow . . . which she promptly brought into the family room to join the first one.  Then she tried to drag our blankets into the family room.  I guess she only wants to be in the kitchen if there is a chance of her eating.

As you can see, Hazel was not happy about our move and kept this up all night.

Tuesday came and we have a very dry basement (woohoo!) and we were bored without TV, radio, internet.  I spent time checking in with friends up in Hoboken and in various NJ locations.  My sister came over to join us because we had food and she had an empty fridge.  Of course she didn’t bring us any of the cookies she made the night before.

We proceeded to feed her buffalo chicken dip since we didn’t want to waste it. Since we had a bag of pizza rolls in the freezer, I grilled those up too with some leftover pizza on the grilling tray you use for veggies or fish..  Then we fed her left over quiche and cheesesteak pierogies.  I bet you’re wondering how we made pierogies.  It’s easy the grill.

You see I wanted to use up items from the fridge/freezer.  We had the pierogies in the freezer and since they are soooo good, I didn’t want them going to waste.  I took butter out of he fridge (yes, we limited how often we opened it) and used two disposable cake pans on the grill.  I put a little butter in each pan–

Ok, a lot of butter.

Melted the butter and then just cooked the pierogies.  On our grilling tray thing , I cooked the leftover quiche.  Dinner was quite delicious.

We did more than eat too, we played games.  When Laura and I were younger, my parents would play UNO with us when we lost power.  In a few short months Greg will be one of us, so we felt the need to indoctrinate him into our tradition.

We even taught Hazel how to play.

Wednesday came and we both had to work, I went to a coffee shop since I needed internet and Greg went to his office.  My parents still didn’t have power so my mom joined me.  It was a fun day to commiserate with other people lacking power and comparing PECO estimated restoration times.  We were told 11PM that night.

Ha!  That didn’t happen.

After work, I knew I needed to use up items in our freezer.  Greg brought several bags of ice home which we placed in the freezer.  I pulled out chicken earlier in the day for dinner.  Now it was time to get creative with the grill.  Greg told me I had to blog about this because it was his favorite part of the power outage.

We still had two disposable trays– one lasagna sized tray and one cake pan.  In the cake pan, I made Frankenberry Cake.  I took a bag of frozen (formerly) berries and mixed when with a box of vanilla cake and water.  Then I placed it on the grill in indirect heat.  Greg still needed lunches for the week, so I also grilled up some jalapeno popper sausage.

Finally, it was time for the main entree– chicken cacciatore.

First, I took a partially full bag of diced peppers and onion and heated it up in the tray.  Then I added cut up chicken breasts to the pan, cooking them until the outsides turned white.  Once they were partially cooked, I added a jar of tomato sauce and some water.  Continued to stir for a few more minutes and the covered with foil and left it to cook with the cake.  About 20 minutes later, the cake was done (I kept the grill at about 375) and removed that and turned the grill off but kept the chicken in the warm environment.

In case you were wondering, the Frankenberry cake was delicious!

I made dinner early because we still had light.  When we were ready to eat, it was time to finish the meal– we added garlic bread to the grill and a bag of spinach (from the fridge) to the chicken.

Laura gave Greg the head lamp as a Christmas present last year for when he walked Hazel and we have used it numerous times.  It was incredibly handy during the storm.  Dinner ended up being delicious, so my advice to you is to pick up a ton of disposable pans if you think you might lose power.

Thursday came with no power.  At this point PECO couldn’t even confirm a day for power.  Fortunately my parents had power by then so off we journeyed to the house.  We got a home cooked meal, internet, and warmth.

Hazel and I even got cuddle time in while Greg did his distance learning class.  We went back home after his class since we could turn on our gas fireplace with batteries and bunkered down for the night.  Hazel liked laying with us.

We did not.

Some time Friday morning, we got power back and it was wonderful. . . except for the giant wine stain we found on the floor from when Hazel’s tail took out a cup.  Since we were exhausted, we decided to do clean up on saturday.

I’ve never seen our fridge/freezer so bare.  We made it through with a dry basement and no damage other than two lost shrubs.  We’ve been loving power and planning for a generator.  It’s eerie how quiet the house is without power and how early you will do to bed when there is now power.


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